Scented Leaf Pelargonium are our Speciality - Discover Living Natural Fragrance for Homes and Gardens
Specialist Growers of fragrant Scented Leaf Pelargonium, aka Scented Geraniums
Please see below for the names of the pelargonium types in our Collection of over 100 
We shall begin to accept orders for 2018 Spring Delivery from this October and onwards


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currently we are able to supply Selection option only - we are not able to supply individual named types

our Collection offers the following perfumed pelargonium named types, scented geraniums
Pre-Orders accepted from October onwards for 2018 Spring Delivery

abrotanifolium concolor lace imperial butterfly secret love
american prince of orange copthorne lady plymouth shottesham pet
annsbrook beauty creamy nutmeg lady scarborough sidoides
apple betty crispum peaches and cream lara nomad southernwood
ardwick cinnamon crispum variegatum lara starshine sweet mimosa
aroma cys sunburst lavender lindy sweet miriam
ashby deans delight lemon fancy tomentosum chocolate mint
attar of roses deerwood lavender lad lemon fizz tomentosum peppermint
att of roses variegated deerwood lavender lass lemon kiss torento
big apple dichondraefolium lilian pottinger trifidum
birdbush bobby dr westerlund mabel grey triste
birdbush bold and beautiful fairlop mosquitaway vandersea
birdbush julie anne fern mint nervosum welling
birdbush kay lye filbert odoratissmum  
birdbush lemonside filicifolium old spice  Scented Leaf Selections
birdbush miriam fragrans orange fizz  
birdbush nutty fringed apple orsett  
birdbush pink and perky            fruity papilonaceum  
birdbush victoria fulgidum peters luck  
blandfordianum galway star pink capricorn  
brilliantine gemstone poquita  
brunswick gibbosum prince of orange                         
camphor rose ginger queen of lemons                   
candy dancer grace thomas quercifolium  
capitatum true rose graveolens radula  
charity graveolens bontrosai                  red capri  
citriodorum grey lady plymouth reniforme  
citronella hansens wild spice robers lemon rose  
clorinda hemley royal oak  
cola bottles hispidum scilly mauve