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<!-- 350 -->cys sunburst lemon scented pelargonium

cys sunburst lemon scented pelargonium


scented geranium, lemon scented leaves
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Cys Sunburst leaves 
P. cy's sunburst
Scent/Aroma: lemon
Leaf: variegated, bright green leaves edged with vivid gold, crinkly and curly
Flower: pale pink, top petals slightly darker with blotch and feathering
Growing Habit: stiff upright habit, slow growing, reaching approx. 20ins Ht. x 12ins to 15ins Spread.
Other Info: Attributed to Grower Cyril Hyde, Well Sweep Herb Farm, US - Sport of P. Crispum.  Excellent as a house plant and for containers as it is a dense compact type that will never get too large.  Will certainly brighten up the gloomiest of areas with the intense gold edging to a sharp green leaf.  Delicate and pretty pale pink flowers adds to the overall beauty of Cy's Sunburst.  Lemon scent is as good as Parent P. crispum.
**Special thanks to David Hyde, Cy's son, who kindly emailed us and provided us with personal background information.**
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Annie & Guy's Comments:
Cy's Sunburst really is an absolute stunner!!  This is the only time that we have come across a Scented Leaf Pelargonium with such an amazing variegation.  The gold edging to the leaf is enough to make you reach for your sunglasses, as it really is as bright as the sun.  Originating from the USA this type is not freely available and it is our absolute pleasure that we have been able to add Cy's Sunburst to our Collection.  When you walk around our Polytunnel Cy's presence is immediately evident and you just cannot resist stopping to admire such a beautiful and bright Scented Geranium.


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