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Please read the following - this explains when delivery will be if you order today 
Order for W/C 2nd July delivery, only select types that do NOT have a pre order status message near Qty box 
Pre Order Status message, for delivery during July as the types become ready, currently we cannot state when
Please be aware that where plants ready now are mixed with pre order plants the delivery will be during July when all types are ready
Note, pre orders are accepted on the basis that the Customer understands that delivery will be during July

currently there are 12 orders outstanding in the queue, waiting for certain types to become available
there has been approx. 5 types out of the 130 types of scented leaf pelargonium that we grow that have been slow to get going due to the poor weather earlier in the year.  we have emailed each Customer with an update and apart from one you all prefer to wait.  Thank you.

we always endeavour to post as soon as possible and each order is reviewed on a weekly basis to check availability

our potted jumbo starter plants are NOT baby plugs and, therefore, require more time to grow on prior to delivery
we do not release any plant until we are confident that they are well rooted and of a good size - we take the hard work out of raising baby plugs

birdbush kay lye scented geranium 5

P. birdbush kay lye, lemon scented geranium
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Assisting you to make an informed choice of which named type of scented geranium to grow where
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Scented Geraniums are a fascinating and diverse group of aromatic plants with highly fragrant leaves, for homes and gardens.  Scented Leaf Pelargonium, as well as being intensely perfumed plants, are classified as herbs and the leaves have many uses in recipes, aromatherapy, medicinal preparations and as a sensory aid.  
Discover and be amazed by scented geraniums, try before you buy leaves samples . Smelling the leaves will aid you in making an informed choice before ordering plants.

**please do not order if outside the UK and Ireland, we do not deliver to other countries**

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