An introduction to the scents aromas of the 130 plus types of scented geraniums in our unique Collection

TIP see the scent category table below, click on a link and read the main details page for each individual type.  Scented geraniums do vary in size and across the group are not a standard size in form or appearance.

Worldwide it is thought that there are several thousand different types of scented leaf pelargonium cultivars; the group is often referred to as scented geraniums.

There are over 250 scented pelargonium species recorded, with many of these still growing wild in countries such as South Africa.

Needless to mention, it is an impossibility that each individual type could ever be grown by one person or company. Being such a diverse group of plants it has been and remains extremely difficult to keep track of new introductions and many are never fully accredited or recorded for posterity.  To complicate matters further some types are known by more than one name plus from country to country may be known by an entirely different name.

However, once accustomed to growing scented geraniums the diversity of the individual types does become noticeable and generally differences between types would be obvious to the trained eyes of a keen gardener.

The variations of the scents or aromas of the natural oils are contained in the leaves, as opposed to the flower.  In effect, the flower has little scent or none.

One must always consider that a particular scent will always be a very individual and a subjective personal experience.

Some types of scented pelargonium have what is described as a prominent 'top note' i.e. rose with a 'bottom note' say of lemon. This contrasting scent or aroma does vary tremendously throughout the scented geranium group.

Differences to be aware of when making a selection
the scent aroma, often there are variations within the classified scent.  lemon and rose being examples
leaf colour and or form
flower colour and or form
growing characteristics i.e. compact, medium, large, semi-branching, trailing, upright or bushy

NOTE - all types in the scented pelargonium group are classified as herbs and the aromatic leaves are safe to use as a flavouring in recipes, just as you would a general herb.

The 'pretty' scented leaves are used extensively in recipes, aromatherapy, herbal preparations, medicine, cosmetics and perfumes; they are also often used as a sensory aid as they are a very tactile plant.

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