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Our unique Collection of scented leaf pelargonium numbers in excess of 130 named individual types.  We have undertaken years of research and practical growing experience in understanding this highly fragrant group of plants; also classified as herbs.  In our diverse Collection we have many of the well known scented geranium types, such as P. attar of roses, plus several that you will not come across readily. Due to the diversity and non uniform growing habits within the scented pelargonium group it is indeed rare to find any type at garden centres or other plant retail outlets.  Potential Growers should also be aware that there are disreputable sellers trading on the internet and we strongly recommend always purchasing from an established and respected Nursery.   Saving money does not equal bona fide named scented geraniums.  Scented pelargonium are, therefore, considered in the realm of a specialist nursery, such as we are, as each plant's individual form and care does require consideration and understanding prior to buying.

We do hope that you enjoy taking a highly perfumed discovery journey as you meander through our diverse and varied Collection of scented leaf pelargonium.  With the correct care perfumed scented geraniums will provide enormous pleasure, as well as the herbal leaves having many uses.  As we often say, 'the uses for the aromatic leaves of the scented geraniums will only ever be restricted by your imagination'.

P. concolor lace scented lpelargonium

Photo:  P. concolor lace

Frequently Asked Question - which types shall I order? 
We say how long is a piece of string.......there isn't a definitive answer

We cannot answer this question and we make it a strict Policy never to recommend particular types.  Just as each scented geranium is different so are Customers.  Please take the time to navigate our website and read though our Help information which will assist you in making an informed choice. 

Please note that we are Growers and Suppliers and do not offer individual gardening lessons, design advice or recommend individual named types. 

New to Growing plants?
We do not recommend any type of scented leaf pelargonium as the starting point for growing plants.  Growing basics are essential for success; i.e. walk before running. 
We emphasise that the scented leaf pelargonium genus is NOT suitable for gardenening beginners, learn growing basics first prior to buying.

brilliant scented pelargonium

Photo:  P. brilliant

Here are a few Tips that should assist you in making an informed selection

go to Shop drop down menu at top of each page -
we have cross referenced all of the individual named types in our Collection in to sub categories; this will assist in making an informed choice for the intended location of the scented geraniums.  Some types will appear in more than one sub category due to their diverse growing habit

growing habits of scented leaf pelargonium
unlike many other groups of plants scented geraniums are not uniform in their individual growing habit, this varies enormously from type to type
it is important to understand this as it is relevant to making a selection
please refer to Size Guide at the footer of this page - note this is a guide only and many types will grow much larger than indicated
types vary from compact through to extremely large - refer to size at maturity sub category

intended growing location = no two places are the same
every person has differing sized space to grow plants - consider this when selecting
the Size Guide will provide an indication of which type may be suitable for where
do not be tempted to select large growing types where limited space is available
all plants require enough spread space and depth for healthy root development to do well and mature to their optimum size
over planting should be avoided and is a common error
do not underestimate just how large many types will grow to, allow plenty of space

planting locations inside or outside
as a general guide all scented leaf pelargonium prefer what is termed dappled shade during daylight hours; i.e. some sunshine, some shade
full on sun all day should be avoided
the larger types may be able to take a full sun position but this is not recommended
the smaller growing types tend to prefer less sun
north facing position is not advisable
south to south west is more favourable.  this applies to inside and outside

birdbush bobby scented pelargonium

photo:  example of the size of our potted jumbo starter plants, this varies depending on types selected

supplied as a potted jumbo starter scented leaf pelargonium
as mentioned previously scented geranium types vary enormously - from compact through to very large.  this is reflected in the size of the jumbo starters that we post out
from feedback that we have received over the years many Customers struggle with plug plants; this may be due to many reasons such as not having a heated bringing on small plants area
the advantage with our jumbo starter size is that we have brought on a fragile plug sized plant to a much stronger and well rooted size that is at the stage of really wanting to take off
do not understimate just how large the supplied jumbo starter scented pelargonium will grow in to as a mature plant
when received, after a couple of day's recovery time, the jumbo starter should be potted on in to a larger pot to encourage it to take off, which it will with the correct care
scented geraniums are frost tender - this means that in the UK and Ireland they should not be planted directly in the garden or left out in pots between late October through to the end of May
we are unable to teach growing basics and, as we have previously stated, scented leaf pelargonium should not be purchased until basic growing techniques have been mastered.  we cannot be any more honest than to state this but sadly there are some people who do not heed our advice and later complain when they have killed the healthy scented geranium jumbo starter plants that we grew and supplied.  Very sad indeed.  We emphasise again scented leaf pelargonium are NOT for gardening beginners, please do not waste your money.

and finally.....................................

we are quite different from many retail plant growers that you will come across
we are part of a dying breed of an ever diminishing group of Independent Specialist Nurseries
we are a hands on working Nursery and grow as organically as possible
we do not use harmful chemicals or pesticides - the leaves of our plants are safe to use in recipes

we are entirely internet based and we are not open to the general public
mail order throughout the UK with a Royal Mail postcode
unfortunately, we shall no longer be posting to the South of Ireland
we take exceptional care in selecting a well established and healthy jumbo starter plant and pack each with great care
Customers are kept updated throughout - from ordering to the point of posting

we do what we do each and every single day because we are passionate about growing scented leaf pelargonium
we are not in this for money, as are the majority of plant retailers and garden centres

we have T & C's in place for very good reasons and we make no apologies for attempting to be as clear and transparent as possible
descriptive text is intended to be concise as we are aware that too much text will not be read through

We are the original No 1 online Scented Leaf Pelargonium Specialist Nursery - do not be fooled by imposters and amateurs
fundamentally, our main objective has always been to keep the scented leaf pelargonium group of plants at the forefront of the minds of keen Growers
after the 15 years existence of our website we are pleased to confirm that we have and continue to achieve this
a very big Thank You to each and every one of you who continues to support us

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