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EarlyBirds save money order now for Spring 2017, see EarlyBirds Discount Codes below October 03, 2017
EARLYBIRDS SPECIAL OFFERavailable to UK and IRELAND Customerssee discount codes belowThe earlier you place your 2017 Spring order - the more... [MORE]

How to place a Scented Geranium or Sundries Order on our website - this article will help January 01, 2017
How to Order Scented Geraniums and Sundries on our website - this article should help Online Catalogue begins on 1st page – please ... [MORE]

Placing an Order? Please use an Email that will accept our Order updates to you..... December 31, 2016
 Email Address that you provide when you place your Order through our website?Using a 'works' email address is not a good idea w... [MORE]

When you place your Order through our website we always keep you updated on progress by emails December 31, 2016
Helpful information on how we manage Orders from receipt through to dispatchPlease also read Ordering, Payment & Delivery Information W... [MORE]

Why a Scented Leaf Pelargonium is not a scented geranium although at one point it was…confused you are not alone. December 29, 2016
 Concolor Lacealso known as (aka)Shottesham Pet orFilbertThis is an example of how a particular type of scented leaf pelargonium may ... [MORE]

John Tradescant the younger introduced the pelargonium to England in the 1600's....... December 24, 2016
John Tradescant the younger1608 - 1662 Portrait attributed toThomas de Critz THE 2 JOHN TRADESCANT’s John Tradescant the el... [MORE]

Why we do not mail out a Printed Catalogue of our Scented Leaf Pelargoniums..... December 01, 2016
We do sincerely apologise to anyone who enjoys browsing through hard copy gardening Catalogues and hopefully the following information will ... [MORE]

How to Grow Scented Geraniums Indoors as a House Plant all year - SEE SIZE GUIDE IN THIS ARTICLE September 17, 2016
Scented Geraniums, Pelargoniums are excellent house plants for indoors all year roundthat is why we say they are 'Living Natural Fragranc... [MORE]

A Beginner's Guide to Growing Scented Leaf Pelargoniums September 15, 2016
  Good Luck and Happy Growing!! GROWING SCENTED LEAF PELARGONIUM A quick refere... [MORE]

Plants by post - check here for information on which Countries we deliver Scented Geraniums to

September 01, 2016
What type of plants do we grow and offer on our website?   Which countries do we deliver to? Scented Leaf Pelargonium - often refe... [MORE]

Starter Size to Maturity, an example of how large some Scented Leaf Pelargoniums do grow August 12, 2016
 BB Bobby and many other types of the Scented Leaf Group flower prolifically over many months.As you can see from this photo there ar... [MORE]

Edna Popperwell passed away 1st Sept 2015 see below July 27, 2016
Edna Popperwell, highly respected plants woman, passed away1st September 2015 aged 88 years. To read more of Edna Popperwe... [MORE]

No, we do not grade how strong the scent is per plant July 12, 2016
No, we most definitely would not smell each and every single pelargonium plantwhen we are selecting individual types ready for dispatchwe do... [MORE]

Edna Popperwell's life story, she bred and introduced 7 new types of scented pelargonium to the UK June 20, 2016
Mrs Edna Popperwell Respected UK Plantswoman and Pelargonium Enthusiast Her Life and Hybridising History Edna’s life story has been k... [MORE]

Do lemon scented geraniums deter flies? June 01, 2016
We receive quite a few emails each year asking this question.  Here's an email from Paul and Sue and our reply is below: Hi Annie ... [MORE]

The Christmas break is an ideal time to place your Spring Order for Scented Geraniums November 20, 2015
We recommend****Don't Delay - Order Today****Orders received volumes are well up on previous yearsto guarantee an April delivery we really... [MORE]

Scented Geranium types suitable as house plants October 15, 2015
Which Scented Geranium types are suitable to grow as house plants?a question that we are often askedsee below for suggestions All scented p... [MORE]

Scented Geraniums and UK Distance Selling Regulagions November 12, 2014
'After many years of offering our lovely SG's by mail order through our website it is a rarest of rarest occurrence when we receive an ema... [MORE]

Using the Special Delivery Instruction Box during Checkout.....a humorous look at just a few requests that we receive. August 01, 2013
  During our Checkout Procedure there is a text box for Customers to input any delivery instructions.  By this we mean that we ar... [MORE]

Scented Geraniums and how to control Pests or Insects August 01, 2013
Identifying  the Pests  Scented Geraniums and the topic of Pests The pelargonium genus, including the Scented Leaf&rsqu... [MORE]

Angela Rainey has emailed us some excellent Recipes that you might like to try out July 18, 2013
  Scented Geraniums are classified as HERBSand the aromatic leaves are excellent in all types of cooking. The oils contained i... [MORE]

Scented Geraniums do need good ventilation and air circulation to stay healthy in hot's a few tips July 16, 2013
Shading, Ventilation, Air Circulation and regular Wateringare essential for healthy Scented Leaf Pelargoniumsespecially during hot and sun... [MORE]

Have you potted on your Scenteds into larger pots?..........please read on July 15, 2013
VERY IMPORTANT!! If you have purchased Scented Geraniums from us earlier in 2013 they should now have been moved on into larg... [MORE]

Ordering Scented Leaf Pelargoniums - Communication, Patience & The Must Have It Now Brigade.... July 04, 2013
NOTE FROM ANNIE & GUY:  The article below was written in May 2010.We would like to mention that 99.9% of our Customers are absolu... [MORE]

P. Grace Thomas, an interesting insight June 20, 2013
   P. GRACE THOMASBred by Mr Roger Thomas, Kent in EnglandBred 1996 - AGM 1997(AGM = Award of Garden Merit by the RHS) We were... [MORE]

Life Coaching for bi-lingual Scented Geraniums living in Denmark June 11, 2013
    For further information see: You can contact Trine on +45 3120 7094 or [email protected] [MORE]

Copthorne is a real stunner of a Scented Leaf Pelargonium May 20, 2013
  CopthorneClick Here for Catalogue Page If it is a real show stopper of a Scented Leaf Pelargonium that you are looking for Coptho... [MORE]

A Beginner's Guide to some Key Abbreviations in Gardening Books and Catalogues April 05, 2013
I remember when I first became interested in growing plants that there just seemed to be so many things to learn and to understand.  Fo... [MORE]

A good book for research and information is....please read on March 15, 2013
We do receive quite a lot of email enquiries asking for information on Scented Leaf Pelargonium.  For anyone who is researching this topic the ... [MORE]

Brilliantine, view a sample of our YouTube videos March 01, 2013
LINK FOR OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL View our Brilliantine Video beloweau-de-Cologne scent/aromain... [MORE]

Scented Geraniums 2013 Season Ordering Information February 01, 2013
Ordering Scented Leaf Pelargonium for the 2013 Season We highly recommend that you place your order early as we are always in... [MORE]

General Updates for the 2013 Season January 01, 2013
Setting out our ‘stall’ for 2012 – in this Hot Topics article we are attempting to précis a lot of the information ... [MORE]

Scented Geraniums prefer some shade when it is very's a few tips July 14, 2012
Shading, Ventilation, Air Circulation and regular Wateringare essential for healthy Scented Leaf Pelargoniumsespecially during hot and sun... [MORE]

New to Scented Leaf Pelargonium? Which individual types to choose to use leaves in recipes. July 09, 2012
(Article written Jan 2010) We received the following email yesterday and we are asked this type of question quite often.  ... [MORE]

UK Pelargonium and Geranium Society (PAGS) - information on joining the Society July 06, 2012
PAGSUK Pelargonium & Geraniums Society PAGS is the No 1 UK & British Society to joi... [MORE]

The benefits of Vermiculite and Perlite explained February 26, 2012
Vermiculite or Perlite is a clean, lightweight and easy alternative to sand and/or grit.  Both have several different applications fo... [MORE]

Scented Leaf Pelargoniums for indoors, do NOT like cold, dark, damp conditions.... October 14, 2011
Scenteds do make excellent house plants all year around and many will flower continously.  However, where they are given a home is ... [MORE]

Have you taken your Scented Geraniums inside for the winter months yet? October 12, 2011
We really do recommend that Scenteds are lifted from the garden borders etc., at this time of the year - end of September and ... [MORE]

Scented Geraniums are perfect for inside all year and for the garden from late May.... June 10, 2011
Scented Leaf Pelargoniums, which is the correct name, are known to many people as Scented Geraniums.  We are often asked where m... [MORE]

Scented Geraniums, pruning branches and roots to maintain good health November 01, 2010
PRUNING BRANCHES & TRIMMING BACK ROOTSTips on how to maintain good health for a Scented Geranium in a pot or container It's... [MORE]

FAQS for EU Customers re Ordering, Payment, Delivery and plant sizes September 12, 2010
    Starter SizeExample Starter sized plants are 'babies'.  When they are in transit they will be OK for approx. 7 day... [MORE]

My 90 year old Mother has always loved Pelargoniums or Geraniums as she calls them.... September 02, 2010
My 90 year old Mother, East Midlands in England, still enjoys pottering around in her garden and has always loved pelargoniums; or geraniums... [MORE]

New 2010 Photos of Scented Leaf Pelargoniums grown in pots, containers and raised beds August 27, 2010
RAISED BOXES of SCENTED LEAF PELARGONIUMS Photo supplied by Gill Mason'Interestingly my husband made the planters for round the house... [MORE]

Which scented geranium to use in cosmetics....there are many choices March 26, 2010
We do receive many different types of enquiries more or less on a daily basis and the following is quite a common one.  From Michelle:... [MORE]

Scented Geranium Seed........why it's not a good idea March 25, 2010
Enquiry received from Kelly, Coventry: i have a friend here talkin about plants and he has been trying to get a lemon scented geranium from... [MORE]

Our Scented Leaf Geraniums have inspired Author Trisha Ashley's new novel Chocolate Wishes... February 07, 2010
It's official we are now Famous and in print!!  Trisha Ashley contacted us several months ago when she was doing he... [MORE]

Cold Weather Delivery Information - URGENT UPDATE please read..... January 13, 2010
The following applies to UK, Ireland and all other EU Countries Due to the current extreme cold weather condition... [MORE]

Very cold weather, a checklist for Scented Geraniums January 09, 2010
Cold Weather Checklist   In the UK and Ireland this is our coldest winter spell for over 30 years and... [MORE]

You may still Order less than 4 Starter Sized Scented Leaf Pelargoniums, P & P will apply, please read on..... January 01, 2010
If you would like to place a smaller Order  i.e. Qty. of 3, 2 or 1 Starter Size ... [MORE]

Scented Leaf Pelargoniums - winter update - tips for growing indoors December 30, 2009
See also article 14th November 2009 for winter care tips.  Here you will find a step by step guide on... [MORE]

Scented Pelargoniums..when to Pot On.... December 15, 2009
We receive lots of emails asking for advice on how to grow Scented Pelargoniums and the questions we receive are extremely diverse.  Please do ... [MORE]

Scented Leaf Pelargonium - an article by Debs Cook of the UK Herb Society November 14, 2009
Here's an interesting article written by Debs Cook who is the Webmistress and Librarian of the UK Herb Society.  (Sorry I couldn't include th... [MORE]

Are Scented Leaf Pelargoniums toxic to cats and dogs? October 28, 2009
Here is an email that we received recently and our reply:   'Hello, do you know if scented geraniums are toxic to cats and dogs? I... [MORE]

The Herb Society (UK)..highly recommended to join as a Member October 10, 2009
The Herb Society ( UK) Here’s the link for the website http://ww... [MORE]

Our Scented Geranium Collection continues to grow - a taster for 2010 September 28, 2009
From the interest that we receive from all areas of the UK and Ireland plus the EU, it is obvious that Smellie Pell... [MORE]

It is now time to lift Scented Pelargoniums before first frosts September 28, 2009
Yes, autumn has truly arrived here in the UK and the Scented Geraniums should be heading indoors now. ... [MORE]

Scented Leaf Pelargonium - when to Order for 2010 Season? August 26, 2009
Here's a Scented Geranium enquiry that we received recently regarding ordering scented leaf pelargoniums for the 20... [MORE]

You can't win them all...... August 08, 2009
People's expectations, on a very rare occasion, really does puzzle me!!  I know it takes all sorts to make The World but that 'odd' one that gi... [MORE]

We do NOT accept e-Cheques as a payment method...please read on...... June 22, 2009
We have had a couple of instances lately where a Customer has paid for their Order via an e-Cheque and it is clearly stated on our website that this... [MORE]

Fantastic day out 13 - 14 June 09...there will also be Scented Geraniums to enjoy and purchase...please read on May 28, 2009
Ideal day out for anyone living towards the South of England or great for a weekend away for garden and plant enthusiasts.........please suppor... [MORE]

How the scent is emitted from a Scented Geranium...please read on May 07, 2009
Here is an enquiry that we received from Tom recently through our Contact Us page.  Our reply and Tom's further communication is below....... [MORE]

More info on Delivery......... April 14, 2009
We really do understand and appreciate that when you order plants from us that you would like them posted to you as soon as possible but this is not... [MORE]

To grow Scented Geraniums indoors or outside...that is the question April 06, 2009
Here's a question we received this week through our Feedback Form - please contact us if you have any questions, they are always welcome: &nb... [MORE]

Victoriana returns in 2009.... March 24, 2009
We had a very interesting order last week for 25 Graveolens and we were intrigued as to whether this was for a retailer, Garden Centre or for a... [MORE]

Payment Methods that we accept in the UK...please read on March 21, 2009
Method of Payment for an Order Update applies to UK Customers only (EU Customers, payment is via PayPal only)   There is a small ... [MORE]

Now's a good time to give your existing scenteds a health check.... February 23, 2009
Many gardeners hibernate over the winter period.....just like the plants!  As Spring approaches now is a good time to check out all of your pla... [MORE]

What's in a Name? Is it Sweet Miriam or Sweet Mimosa? January 26, 2009
I was in the process of reorganising our greenhouse so  that I would be able to find plants more easily for orders and save some time.&nbs... [MORE]

Why do we only post our scented geraniums to the UK and countries within the EU? January 10, 2009
UK and EU Government Regulations concerning moving plants around the world are very strict to ensure all native plants remain healthy. In short, i... [MORE]

Cookery and Cosmetic Use January 10, 2009
Scented geraniums are classified as herbs and the leaves may be used extensively in cooking and cosmetic preparations.    Cooking The ... [MORE]

Our Scented Geranium Plant Sizes Explained January 10, 2009
Hot Topic Update 4th August 2009 - Sizes available are Starter and Medium.  We are able to provide some Mature plants but we would have to char... [MORE]

Happy New Year for 2009 from Annie and Guy January 01, 2009
Wishing all our valued customers and the many scented geranium admirers throughout the world who view our website a most prosperous and happy&n... [MORE]

Order now for larger than usual plants at the same price November 25, 2008
As the 2008 season draws to a close we would highly recommend that you order plants now that are required for 2009.   We are currently s... [MORE]

Frost and extreme cold is a killer October 28, 2008
Here in the UK we are experiencing a very early cold spell for this time of year and frosts have been forecast for this coming week, this being late... [MORE]

Taking Scented Geranium Cuttings - Method 2 September 15, 2008
Taking Heel Cuttings - Method 2    Heel cuttings are probably the easist way of increasing your plant stock and need less attention once... [MORE]

Taking Scented Geranium Cuttings - Method 1 August 24, 2008
HOW TO TAKE GERANIUM CUTTINGS   Pelargonium cuttings are easily taken from spring onwards although a higher success rate will be achiev... [MORE]

To water or not to water...that is the question? August 21, 2008
Watering We always say don't overwater your scenteds but during the summer months the compost often drys out almost completely within a ... [MORE]

Feeding needed now on a regular basis August 21, 2008
Feeding Yes, scented geraniums really do benefit from additional magnesium (epsom salts will do the job).  An easy and quick way is to p... [MORE]

Please send us recipes and other uses for scented geraniums August 20, 2008
Do you have any Recipes or Uses for Scenteds? We would really appreciate you sending us any recipes or tips as we would like to put more ... [MORE]

Greenfly a problem...please read on August 20, 2008
Greenfly      Be sure to check regularly under the leaves, along the stems and check the compost for greenfly.&n... [MORE]

Hello from Annie and Guy August 15, 2008
Hi to all scented geranium lovers across the world from Annie and Guy.   Thank you for the interest you have shown Over the past 9 months we... [MORE]