Hello from Annie and Guy

(August 15, 2008)
Hi to all scented geranium lovers across the world from Annie and Guy.
Thank you for the interest you have shown
Over the past 9 months we have been totally staggered by the interest in our scenteds.  Our stats show that our website has been viewed by people from just about every single country in the world.  We are based in Northern Ireland and due to UK and EU Govt. Regs. we are able to post out to the UK and EU.  To date our plants have travelled as far as Romania, Greece, Spain, Sweden, France and many other countries.  Scented Geraniums it seems are truly addictive.
Further Updates and Advice
We are so busy at this time of the year it is not always possible to get anywhere near the computer.  If you would like any help you are welcome to contact us at any time either through the website or by telephoning.  Hopefully, we shall write some more soon.
We hope you enjoy your Scented Geraniums, as much as we enjoy growing them.
Annie and Guy

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