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Greenfly a problem...please read on

(August 20, 2008)


Be sure to check regularly under the leaves, along the stems and check the compost for greenfly.  Pesky little blighters, they soon cause a lot of damage.  We have had one serious attack this year and 2 minor ones.  The first attack spread very quickly and we had no alternative but to use an insecticide, which we hate doing.  We prefer to grow organically but as most honest professionals will admit there are occasions when it isn't possible.  
There are several ways of tackling this problem:
1.  spray with a strong burst of water and try and blast them off
2.  use washing up liquid/water and spray, you must get under the leaves.
3.  try an organic insecticide spray - quite cheap to buy and effective if used early on
4.  if none of the above work then chances are it will require an insecticide.  Be very careful how you use this and wear gloves, a mask and eye protection. 
5.  check the plants daily for any signs of greenfly and repeat the application of insecticide in 4 - 5 days if it is persisting.
6.  Biological Control - we are not experts on this and would recommend you research this.  For us it wouldn't be practical to use Biological means and it is also still quite costly although we do agree with the principal.

Tip:  when using insecticide on scented geraniums start off with a much weaker solution than is recommended as overdosing will not only kill the greenfly it will seriously burn the leaves and cause a lot of damage to your plants.

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