To water or not to water...that is the question?

(August 21, 2008)


We always say don't overwater your scenteds but during the summer months the compost often drys out almost completely within a day or so.  This does of course depend on where the plants are situated and how much sun and heat they receive.  Our scented geraniums are currently housed in a 60 feet polytunnel which does get really hot and humid on a good day. (Couldn't we just do with a few more of these this summer!)  The temperature inside can rapidly reach close on 90 - 100 degrees.  On average we are watering almost every other day (months of July/August) and we have increased the amount supplied.  

Tip - lift the pot and if it feels light you need to water.   If you forget to water it's not a serious problem as scenteds will survive for long periods in quite dry conditions.  But...they do need to be watered.

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