Feeding needed now on a regular basis

(August 21, 2008)


Yes, scented geraniums really do benefit from additional magnesium (epsom salts will do the job).  An easy and quick way is to provide a foliar feed via a fine mist spray bottle, which we do about once a week.  We use 9 months slow release granules in our gritty type compost and this works well and over the growing months saves a lot of time.  Feeding is as essential as watering and your plants will perform much better.  Think of it as nurturing a baby or small child....you wouldn't starve them.
Regular feeding is undertaken on a regular basis over the months the plant is putting on new growth.  During the dormant months, which in the UK are November, December, January and into February you don't feed and also restrict the watering.  As the plant begins to wake up again in the Spring you begin feeding and increasing the water supply again.
Tip - Dilution rate of epsom salts is about one teaspoon per pint of water and then use a fine mist spray bottle.  Any good quality general plant food will do if you haven't used slow release granules - follow the instructions on the container for dilution quantities.


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