Frost and extreme cold is a killer

(October 28, 2008)
Here in the UK we are experiencing a very early cold spell for this time of year and frosts have been forecast for this coming week, this being late October 2008.
If you have scented geraniums still outside in the garden you'll need to get your skates on fast and get them inside.  The frost will surely kill them unless you live in a very mild area.  We are told by some that they leave their plants out as they live nearby the sea but we wouldn't risk it and we would bring them inside for the winter months.
Greenhouse Protection - we are bubble wrapping our greenhouse inside to provide extra insulation in order to save losing so much heat through the glass.  In addition we shall be putting in a heater with an automatic frost thermostat.
So....don't put off until tomorrow what you need to do today.  Tomorrow might just be one day too late.

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