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Why do we only post our scented geraniums to the UK and countries within the EU?

(January 10, 2009)

UK and EU Government Regulations concerning moving plants around the world are very strict to ensure all native plants remain healthy. In short, it stops the spread of diseases.

There are a few countries which are aligned with the EU who are not full Members that we might be able to post to and we would suggest that you check this out. For example, we are able to post plants to Norway. Sorry, but we wouldn't be able to check out individual countries status for you and you would have to do this yourself and then send us an email with a link to a Government site for us to verify that it would be OK. We have been asked in the past to check out this kind of information but we just don't have the time to do this on a country by country basis.

From our limited knowledge of transporting plants outside of the UK and EU we understand that slips (baby unrooted cuttings) may be carried by people from the UK and EU to some countries but we believe that this would be a risky exercise and wouldn't result in a high success rate. In the event that someone wanted to attempt this we would advise that on the day of travel slips are wrapped in moist tissue and then transported in a coolbag.

We don't have any knowledge on regulations regarding posting seed but when we come across this information we'll post an article with our findings. Scented geranium seed is very tiny and isn't the easiest to germinate even for professional growers.

If you do have any information regarding the above which might be useful we would be pleased to hear from you. Please contact us via email or by using the Feedback Form.

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