Our Scented Geranium Plant Sizes Explained

(January 10, 2009)
Hot Topic Update 4th August 2009 - Sizes available are Starter and Medium.  We are able to provide some Mature plants but we would have to charge P & P.  Please contact us for further information and what Mature SG's are available.
**New for 2009**
During 2009 all of our scented geraniums will be available as Starter, Medium and Mature sized plants. 
Availability of the different sizes will change throughout the year as our Parent plants are pruned back in rotation to ensure continuing new and healthy growth.
Full information on caring and cultivating scented geraniums may be found here.
Here's a guide to the different plant sizes that you will receive when you order:
Our starter plants are propagated using different methods but all will be well rooted and once potted will establish quickly and put on new growth.
It isn't possible to provide an exact size in inches/cm x height as each type varies.
The medium sized plant has gone past the 'baby' stage and will have been potted on probably at least twice.  It will have a very strong root system and many will have new baby cuttings forming.  Once you have potted on into a larger pot the plant will readily establish and settle and during the Spring period will quickly reach maturity.
A Mature plant is as the name implies very well established and will have plenty of new growth that would be ready or almost ready for taking quite a lot of cuttings and/or ready for division.  This size might cost that little bit extra but is excellent value for money as you won't just be buying one plant if you are keen to increase your collection.
When you are browsing our 2009 Catalogue each scented geranium will show which size is currently available.  At the beginning of each year we do cut back most of the mature plants on a rotational basis to promote new growth for the coming season and this size wouldn't always be available at this time.  We are continuously updating our website and plant sizes/availability are checked every week.

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