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Payment Methods that we accept in the UK...please read on

(March 21, 2009)
Method of Payment for an Order Update applies to UK Customers only
(EU Customers, payment is via PayPal only)
There is a small % of customers, for one reason or another, that do not like paying via PayPal and we do appreciate this.  We have been considering various ways that we might be able to offer alternative means of paying for an order without it becoming complicated and creating problems.  After a lot of thought, research and attempting to keep our website user friendly we have decided to offer PayPal for Debit/Credit Card payments + from March 2009 Cash through the post providing that it is posted by Special Delivery Next Day/Signed For. 
Please read below for further information relating to paying with PayPal or Cash
PayPal - over many years of business trading for us PayPal remains the best option for taking payment by Debit/Credit cards; especially when it comes to selling our scented geraniums through our Website.  We might not particularly like PayPal but we are yet to find a comparitive alternative that offers as much security for both the Buyer and the Seller.  It is fast, efficient and the accounting system is reliable and it is affordable.  We have had card processing machines at our business before and they are very expensive.  For us to offer our scented geraniums at an affordable price (incl. p & p) payment processing has to be taken into consideration.
Cash Payment Alternative - we do listen to our valued Customers and for those that do not like using their credit/debit cards over the internet we are introducing this new method of paying for an order from March 2009. 
How to place an Order - If you would like to pay by cash you will not be able to order direct through the website, instead you will need to send an email outlining your order.  We will calculate the amount to pay for you and email you back with an Order ID and the amount. 
Paying by Cash - PLEASE DO NOT JUST PUT CASH IN AN ENVELOPE!!  You will need to get a Special Delivery Next Day envelope from the Post Office Counter; you will not be charged for the envelopes.  I don't recall how much you will be insured for against loss but it should cover the vast majority of orders that we receive - please check at the Post Office.  I would advise that you put the cash in a paper envelope or similar before putting into the Special Delivery one.  In general the cost for Special Delivery Next Day is approx. £5.
Finally, if you do choose to pay by Cash and it does get lost in the post we cannot accept any responsibility for this and you would need to make a claim against the Post Office.  Please make sure that you keep your Receipt somewhere safe!!
We do not accept E-Cheques - this was a new one for us a couple of weeks ago.  If you aren't familiar with e-Cheques it might be useful to understand what they are.  Basically, an Account Holder sets up an arrangement with their Bank so that when they use their Debit/Credit card the money is processed via their account.  Problem with this for us as a Seller is that it takes away all of our rights and a Buyer may request a Chargeback for any reason and the Customer has their plants and we receive NIL £!  And they say PayPal is least both parties may go through a Dispute process should there be a problem.
We do hope the above helps some of our Customers and if we manage to come up with another good alternative to PayPal we'll do a further update.
Annie and Guy

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