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Victoriana returns in 2009....

(March 24, 2009)
We had a very interesting order last week for 25 Graveolens and we were intrigued as to whether this was for a retailer, Garden Centre or for a student experiment.  The latter being as the oils from the Graveolens leaves are used to make geranium oil and we understand that you would need about 40 mature plants to make a minor quantity.  A University Lecturer told us this last year when one of her students became over enthusiastic and ordered 12 mature Graveolens from us!  Needless to say the student didn't get to do that particular experiment.  It turned out that it wasn't any of the above and hence back to Victoriana.....
Herbs, Scented Geraniums being classified as a herb, have been used for centuries as room fresheners, body fresheners, medicines and in cooking.  The Victorians often carried nosegays (a small bunch of flowers) which they would smell to improve the air quality around them.  You only have to stand next to someone these days who has B. O. to understand the sense in this.  So we were quite surprised to discover that the Graveolens order was for the purpose of indoor hanging baskets as the lady's husband has motor neurone and cannot stand doors or windows open.  The idea of the plants is to naturally freshen the air and to hopefully ward off flies and insects.  Very interesting.
We have asked her to give us feedback as to whether this has been effective and we'll let you know the outcome.
Do you have any unusual uses for Scented Geraniums?  If you do we would love to hear from you - please use the Contact Us form.

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