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(April 14, 2009)
We really do understand and appreciate that when you order plants from us that you would like them posted to you as soon as possible but this is not always possible.....even though we do our very, very best...honestly we do!  We have kept up with demand so far (mid April) and orders have been posted out within 2 weeks maximum, which we think is quite impressive considering that we are a small independent Nursery.  Please read lower down regarding the actual delivery side.....
Here's some of the reasons why you might have to wait a short time:
  • high volumes of orders being received - especially during March, April and May.
  • plant availability (1)- some weeks we might have a run on one or two particular types of SG's more than others
  • plant availability (2) - a customer might order a very large quantity of a particular SG
  • plant availability (3) - we do not post out plants until they are well rooted and would sooner hold an order back if this is the case
  • dispatch is processed by date order received
  • dispatch days - we post orders on either a Monday or Tuesday of each week.  This is to hopefully ensure that parcels are not left sitting in a sorting office over a weekend - so far this has worked out well
  • weekly orders cut off time - if we have had a very high volume of orders we would usually decide to cut off on a friday tea time, ready for picking and packing over the weekend.  Orders received after this time would be carried over into the following week.
  • We always post out 1st Class whether this is to the UK or Airmail to the EU.
  • Seriously and we do mean SERIOUSLY!! - once we have taken the parcel to the Post Office and paid the staff the posting fee the rest is out of our control.
  • UK Royal Mail - excellent delivery times and most are next day or 2 days.  Very impressive and a great service we think.  There will be some exceptions such as remote areas but after 3 years we haven't had any problems or missing parcels.
  • EU - unfortunately this is totally out of our control and we do urge all EU customers to check delivery times prior to ordering.  It is also helpful if you send a seperate email with clear address instructions.  However, we have never had a parcel go missing but we have had 3 out of approx. 150 orders over 3 years arrive very late and the plants were dead.  That is why we can no longer guarantee plants to the EU.
  • DELIVERY IN GENERAL - we really do try and be as helpful as possible but we just don't have the time to check how long it might take for a parcel to get to every single town and country.  If you'd like to try and find out this information here is the link for the Royal Mail website 
  • PROOF OF POSTING - we take this for every parcel we post out.  UK - In the event that a parcel was to go missing we would telephone the customer's local sorting office to check if the parcel had been received.  99.99% of people are honest....unfortunately there's always that very ODD one that isn't!  EU - It would be up to the customer to chase their end as ordering is on an 'own risk' basis, as we clearly state on our website.

Finally.....we are but mere Mortals who love growing beautiful Scented Geraniums for others to enjoy and share the experience.  We are not experts on the World's postal services nor do we wish to be so.  We are helpful and pleasant people and would always go out of our way for others but there really is only 24 hours in one day........believe us, it is true!!


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