We do NOT accept e-Cheques as a payment method...please read on......

(June 22, 2009)
We have had a couple of instances lately where a Customer has paid for their Order via an e-Cheque and it is clearly stated on our website that this is not an accepted method. 
If you do not understand what an e-Cheque is the following information might be of help.  This is our edited email reply to a Customer recently:

e-Cheque Information:

You are, perhaps, not familiar with what an e-Cheque is.  Basically, your Bank has set this up on your Bank Account and each time you use your debit card to pay for items over the Internet they will send payment as an e-Cheque as opposed to paying instantly.  If you have not asked the Bank to set up an e-Cheque on your account we would strongly recommend that you ask them to remove this facility.  Usually when a Customer pays with their debit card the amount would be paid automatically and debited from their bank account without any hassle.  e-Cheques are a fairly new introduction of payment which some banks are trying to promote, often without the Customer’s knowledge.  With regards to buying over the Internet this payment method is being targeted by criminals and is open to abuse and we would definitely not support it and would warn anyone from using it.  In addition, payments are held back for up to 9 days which is of great benefit to the Banks as they are holding on to your money and making interest on this, whilst the receiver isn’t being paid promptly and any goods a Customer has purchased over the Internet will be drastically delayed.  The banks have also set up a lot of rules regarding e-Cheques which are detrimental to the Seller and these rules are very unfair.  We use PayPal to accept payment as you (the Buyer) and we (the Seller) are both protected and in the unlikely event that a Customer wanted to reclaim their money from us they would be able to raise a dispute with PayPal and this would be assessed as to whether it was a valid claim or not.  This has never occurred for us as we would always negotiate direct with a Customer should they ever be unhappy with their plants.

To sum up:

·        Please check with your Bank if they have put e-Cheques on to your bank account without your knowledge.  We recommend that you ask them to remove this facility from your account.

·        We do not recommend that anyone uses e-Cheques as they are open to fraud – they are not secure!

·        PayPal protects you (the Buyer) and us (the Seller) and is secure.

We are really sorry that you are having this problem again with paying for your order but this is due to your Bank and not the payment method on our website.
Hope the above has clarified e-Cheques.

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