You can't win them all......

(August 08, 2009)
People's expectations, on a very rare occasion, really does puzzle me!!  I know it takes all sorts to make The World but that 'odd' one that gives you grief really does rankle.  Sounds familiar?  Let me explain......
We really do go all out to offer First Class Customer Service and will give 100% of our effort to achieve this.  On the rare occasion when we receive a 'we have a problem' email we'll go out of our way to fix it and mostly will replace a plant free of charge and often pop in an extra one when we post out. 
Where's this leading you might be wondering?........
If there's one thing that really gets up my nose it's rude, ignorant and impolite people!! 
Surely not....I hear you say?  Fortunately, they are in a very tiny minority and would count for less than 1% of our valued Customers.  But this tiny 1% really gives you grief big time!!  As soon as I open one of this type of predictable emails and read the first line I think, here we go.  You can spot them a mile off; practically from their very own computer where they sit and amuse themselves inventing imaginery situations to amass ill gotten gains.  Like free plants for complaints that are not genuine! 
Yes, so sorry to report that some people aren't satisfied with our great value scenteds that this category of customer are always trying to find a way to get even more for nothing.  It's a sad reflection of our times....greed that is.  It's obvious who they are 'cos they are always very rude in the way that they attempt to communicate in their emails and come up with the most ludicrous situations that a great storyteller would envy this misused skill.  Unbelievable....I hear you say!   True, I'm afraid.
You learn over time whom these people are and it's taken us many, many years of business experience to recognise the early warning signs they emit.  You see, they believe they are being very clever and do take great pleasure in getting one over on you.  Pathetic I call it!!  For heaven's sake if £4 or £5 pounds is so important to them I'll give it them!!  Yes, that's often how much all of their effort at expert rudeness amounts to.
One particular instance recently comes to mind, who was what I would term a border line do you believe what they are telling you or not?  We erred on the better side of our judgment and did replace the plants they were complaining about.  This Customer had ordered 12 Starter Deerwood Lavender Lad's, which were to be part of his red summer planting scheme.  (Still find this quite puzzling as DLL has a distinct magenta/purple flower???)  The Customer contacted us by email complaining (from the outset) in quite a rude manner that the DLL's had white flowers!  Amazement is not the word, as he stated 6 plants had 'red' flowers and 6 plants had white.  Amazing as the cutting material was definitely taken from the DL Lad's Parents?  Now to cut this story short he never did send me photographic evidence, which I tend to request, but just kept bombarding me with senseless emails which took up an awful amount of my outside at this time of the year gardening time.  His perpetual emails did wear me down and I posted off 6 really above average medium sized DLL's to basically, shut him up.  What you can't talk about a Customer like that?  Yes, I can and will if they are rude, ignorant and impolite to me these miserable qualities in a human being are high up on my most hated list!! 
Let me tell you, one and all, that Guy and I are what Terry Wogan would call TOG's and if you don't know what this means you are far younger than us.  Long gone are the days of Stress in the City!  We are passionate about our Scenteds. Trust me they will never make us millionaires but they do bring about a lovely sense of calm and relaxation in our daily lives and that is worth far more than heaps of money.  We live a very simple life and absolutely detest grief of any description.  We are Growers of plants and our beautiful Scenteds are a big part of the wonderful lifestyle that we have and we really do receive an enormous amount of pleasure by sharing our little beauties with You.
Next Season 2010 - I shall not be tolerating all of the nonsense we have put up with from a tiny minority during 2009. 
Our Policy for 2010: Be Polite...or don't buy from us.

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