Have you potted on your Scenteds into larger pots?..........please read on

(July 15, 2013)
If you have purchased Scented Geraniums from us earlier in 2013 they should now have been moved on into larger pots!! They will suffer if they are left in small pots.
Here is an email that we received from Vicki  + our reply is below:

'Hello Annie and Guy
I received my 6 Starter plants in June (2011) and repotted them straight away.
I lost American Prince of Orange after about 4 weeks but have sent you a photo of the remaining plants, three of which are doing well. The two small plants at the front are Birdbush Bobby and Birdbush Miriam,they have not grown at all and look like they might die also. They have been in a greenhouse and well looked after, do you have any help to offer?
Kind regards

Our Reply:

Hi Vicki

Let me see if I can help?  There is also lots of information on our website which explains growing on from the size of plants that you received through to maturity.

  1. The most obvious thing to me when looking at your photos is that the pots are too small for PT Chocolate, Ardwick Cinnamon and Lilian Pottinger.  All plants should be moved on as they grow to allow room for the increasing root ball.  If the pot is too small this is what is known as a plant becoming pot bound and it will suffer, weaken and will not grow into a healthy plant and may even possibly die with time.
  2. PT Chocolate needs a very large pot at this stage = minimum of 10 litres or larger.
  3. Ardwick Cinnamon & Lilian Pottinger need a pot size of = minimum of 5 litres.  (I note that you still have 4 plants in the original potting up sized pot of 9cm, which is way too small.)
  4. BB Bobby & BB Miriam – both look as if they have been attacked by a pest.  BB Bobby is dead and should be destroyed and not kept near other plants.  BB Miriam is showing some signs of life and should be repotted into fresh compost and then isolated away from other plants, i.e. sick bay!  Check the leaves for any sign of fly infestation – further information at our website.
  5. American Prince of Orange – I cannot comment as you lost this one over 2 months ago and didn't provide a photo.
  6. Decaying matter on any plant should be removed immediately as this is what pests feed off.  BB Miriam has decaying matter next to ‘good’ plant material.  Pests will soon move on to the good leaves!
  7. Using the correct compost – this is very important as the compost in your pots looks as if it doesn’t have sufficient drainage, although it is hard to tell from the photos.  Good quality and free draining compost is imperative.  Never use garden soil in plant pots.
  8. Correct watering – this is explained in detail at our website.
  9. Feeding – PT Chocolate definitely needs feeding and is also lacking in additional Magnesium, i.e. epson salts available from most chemists and very cheap. All Scenteds need a regular weekly feed during the summer months.  More information at our website.
  10. Greenhouse – do you damp down during the day?  At the time that you received your plants we were having quite a heat wave and the temperature in greenhouses would have been quite intense.  Ideal conditions for pests breeding!!  Damping down increases humidity and lowers the inside temperature.  I would recommend that you take the scenteds out of the glass house at this time of the year and give them some air.  Also natural predators outside will mostly take care of any pests but it is always advisable to check leaves and the health of all plants on an ongoing basis.  Scenteds are OK for outside in the UK either in large enough plant pots or in the garden from late May through to early October – take inside before any risk of frost.

We would recommend that you visit our website on a regular basis as there is heaps of information there on how to look after Scented Pelargoniums.  Like any other plant Scenteds do need regular, ongoing and correct care and will suffer or die if this is not provided.  As you have experienced!

Hope the above helps and good luck for the future with your plants.

Best wishes
Annie & Guy


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