Our Scented Geranium Collection continues to grow - a taster for 2010

(September 28, 2009)
From the interest that we receive from all areas of the UK and Ireland plus the EU, it is obvious that Smellie Pellie addicts and enthusiasts are in abundance.
2009 Online Catalogue - on average we have been offering 40 different SG's at any one time throughout this past Season. 
2010 Online Catalogue - during 2009 we have been hunting across the UK for new additions to our Collection and researching Worldwide to further understand the history and availability of Species and Cultivars alike.  Our Collection has grown to almost 100 different types, including Species and Cultivars, and we shall be adding many of our 'Newbies' to our 2010 Catalogue. 
Most Popular Scented Geramiums for 2009- without question our biggest Scented Pelargonium sellers have been:
  • 12 Scented Geranium Starter Plants, incl. P & P to UK = £20.00Offering exceptional value at £1.67 per plant, throughout the 2009 Season every Customer did receive 12 different Scenteds.  Feedback was brilliant and positive.  This Special Offer will be available throughout 2010 and the price will remain as £20.
  • Monthly Offer of 6 for the price of 5 Starter Plants, incl. P & P to UK = average price £10 to £12.50.  Brilliant for anyone new to Scenteds who would like to give them a go + excellent for the more experienced as our Customers make their own selection.  This Special Offer will also be available throughout 2010.
  • Medium Sized Scented Pelargoniums, incl. P & P to UK, average price £7.50 to £8.50 each.  During Spring 2009 we thought we'd experiment and offer some larger sized Scenteds.  Mediums were aimed at Customers who had less time, less experience in growing or as presents to friends and family.  The immediate demand really was amazing and totally took us by surprise.  Over the past few months we have been really busy bringing on SG's to a really good size in readiness for the 'Spring Rush'.  There will be a much wider choice next year and we are confident that the Medium Size will continue to grow in popularity.  Medium Scented Pelargoniums are exceptional value as cuttings are readily taken from the plant that you will receive, i.e. you actually receive one largish plant + a few babies.
  • Individual 'Most Popular' Scenteds for 2009:
    • Attar of Roses
    • Graveolens
    • Lady Plymouth
    • Mabel Grey
    • Lemon Fancy
    • Big Apple
    • BirdBush Range - each has been really popular with BB Miriam and BB Kay Lye just taking the lead
    • Deerwood Lavender Lad
    • Clorinda
    • Lara Nomad
    • Prince of Orange and American Prince of Orange
    • Scilly Mauve
    • Tomentosum Peppermint
Each and every one of the Scenteds that we have are individuals in their own right and this is just one of the fascinating aspects of growing these beautiful and versatile plants and what makes them so addictive!!
Please remember that we do try hard to post articles in our Hot Topics section on a fairly regular basis and you are welcome to Contact Us direct at any time of the year.
Thanks for your interest in our Website and we look forward to welcoming you back soon.
Annie and Guy

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