Why we do not mail out a Printed Catalogue of our Scented Leaf Pelargoniums.....

(December 01, 2016)

We do sincerely apologise to anyone who enjoys browsing through hard copy gardening Catalogues and hopefully the following information will explain why we do not mail out a printed version of our website:

We are a small independent Nursery specialising in Scented Leaf Pelargoniums

  •  SLP’s are the only plants that we grow and sell
  •  We do grow other plants, mainly vegetables and fruit, which are for our own personal use

Cost of producing a Printed Catalogue

  •  It has been a matter of weighing up printing costs, which are very expensive, against what price we can charge for our plants?
  •  We came to the conclusion that we would much sooner offer good value for money plants.
Catalogue Demand
  • Requests for a hard copy Catalogue are infrequent and rare.
  • Throughout 2009 we received only 15 requests for a hard copy printed Catalogue
Our Future Vision of a Printed Catalogue
  • Modern Technology is the only way forward for all Companies, especially when they are Internet based.
  • We are very excited at the prospect of Electronic Readers and once these are freely available and affordable we do envisage that we shall be able to provide our Catalogue in this form.

We are an Internet sales based Nursery

  • 99.99% of our SLP sales are through our website. 
  •  We post our plants throughout the UK, Ireland and to all EU Countries
  • We welcome Visitors, by prior appointment, but as we are located in Northern Ireland we are too far away for most people to come and take a tour and a talk.
  • We have had Customers visit from the UK Mainland and Ireland and quite a few have been here on several occasions.
User Friendly Website
  • We constantly update our website on a day by day basis and are always looking for ways to improve the ‘User experience’.
  • We’ve kept our website as simple as possible, which is why the Catalogue is on the first page. 
  •  You don’t have to search through page after page to find what you are looking for.

Our Online Catalogue has the advantage of always being up to date

  • We wouldn’t be able to do this with a Printed Catalogue.
  • We update plant availability on a day by day basis.
  • We can adjust stock levels and forecast what will be ready within the next few weeks.
  • We can add our ‘newbies’ as they become available throughout the year.
  • We often add Special Offers.
We grow all of our own SLP’s here at our Nursery
  • It might come as a surprise to find out that some Nurseries offering SLP’s buy the young plants in, which explains why some of the prices are so high.


The Cost of our SLP’s are very good value for money compared to other Nurseries


  • Our prices have always been competitive from the beginning.
  • We haven’t increased our prices for 2010.
  • P & P to the UK remains Free.
Paying for Orders
  • We accept PayPal or Google Checkout, both are very secure for ordering over the Internet. 
  •  Both accept most major Debit or Credit Cards.
  • We do not accept Cheques by post, nor do we accept an e-Cheque.  If you’ve never heard of the latter please read this article in our Hot Topics.
Good Customer Services
  • We are not just about taking your money, we are here to help and are only an email away, 7 days a week. 
  • We keep you informed from Ordering through to Delivery.
  • We would like you to have an enjoyable experience when you place an order with us.

Good Communication

  • We go out of our way to answer questions and to offer help and support with growing.
  • We really do care about our Customers; when you are happy, it makes us happy.
Environmentally Friendly
  • We try and do our bit for the environment and whenever possible we use recycled boxes and shredded paper for packing larger orders.
  • We receive really positive Feedback on our packing methods and a lot of Customers use the shredded paper on their compost heaps.
Organic & Biological Pest Control
  • Where possible all plants at our Nursery are grown on in an organic way.  It’s not always possible but we are moving more and more towards this way.
  • We are currently investigating biological pest control and will go over to this method once we have discovered a suitable bio-predator.  Encarsia doesn’t work with Scented Leaf Pelargoniums; a major biological control company has enlightened me to this fact.
Hot Topics
  • Apart from our online Catalogue the Hot Topics Section is a must visit place on our website. 
  •  Articles are diverse and cover lots of subjects, from growing SLP’s, through to UK & EU gardening events, through to how our website works and many other topics.


Subscribe to our monthly e-Newsletter


  • New for 2010, our first issue was in January and has been really well received. 
  • It’s free to join and you don’t have to buy anything at all. 

Contact Us by Email 24/7 - we aim to personally reply within 24 hours

  • We do our very best to offer the personal touch to each and every email we receive.
  • We repeat this throughout our website that anyone may Contact Us via email at any time, with any questions. 
  • We’ll always do our very best to help - we even track down other plants that we don't grow and send links to people.
Trade & Nursery Enquiries
  • We do grow to order for larger quantities.
  • Prices are as shown in our Catalogue as all of our Customers are treated equally – we do not offer Trade Discounts.


Apologies again for not offering a Printed Catalogue but we do hope that you may now appreciate the many reasons and why it is always well worth browsing through our website.  We are not just about selling, as many Nurseries are, we offer a lot more besides.




See you online soon!



Annie & Guy

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