Which scented geranium to use in cosmetics....there are many choices

(March 26, 2010)

We do receive many different types of enquiries more or less on a daily basis and the following is quite a common one.

 From Michelle:  I am looking for rose geranium, pelargonium graveolens, that is often used in cosmetics.  I noticed that you have Graveolens which is rose/citrus as well as quite a few other rose scented varieties.  I am now very confused which is which?  I am looking to use them in cosmetics.

And do you have any medium sized plants?  thanks.

Annie & Guy's Reply:  

Hello Michelle

 Attar of Roses would be the main scented leaf type that is used in cosmetics and perfumery, although any of the pleasant smelling ones could also be used including Graveolens.  There isn’t any hard and fast rule.  Indeed, as the scenteds are classified as herbs they have a multitude of uses.

 When it comes to describing the aroma/scent on any scented leaf this is a very subjective topic and what one person would receive another may well smell something completely different.  For example the type of Graveolens we grow is predominantly rose scented but you do get the citrus undertones coming through as well.  If you have looked at other Growers descriptions they would tend to just list Graveolens as being rose scented but we do attempt to be more precise.  Hence, why we mention the citrus aspect.  Chances are that any Graveolens you come across in the UK would be similar to ours as the scents are all determined by the type of medium that they are being grown in, which in the UK would be quite similar.

 We did receive a high number of Orders for our Medium sized plants early in the season, which is why they are currently showing as being unavailable on our website.  It is likely that the Medium size would be available again towards late May/early June.  Alternatively, you would be able to grow on a Starter size yourself.  I would mention that we do have a minimum order level of £10 but P & P to the UK is free.

 Hope the above is helpful and best regards

Annie & Guy

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