Scented Geraniums are perfect for inside all year and for the garden from late May....

(June 10, 2011)
Scented Leaf Pelargoniums, which is the correct name, are known to many people as Scented Geraniums.  We are often asked where may they be grown and here's a guide for the UK and for Ireland:
  • IN THE HOME - all year long.  Many types of the scenteds do make excellent house plants and are easy to care for.  If you have never grown scented leaf pelargoniums before there are plenty of tips here on our website.  When the air is disturbed by either a door or window being opened, or even as people pass by the breeze causes the oils in the leaf to be released into the atmosphere.  A truly natural air freshener!!  Many of the SG's will flower for most of the year inside and will provide years of pleasure providing that their basic requirements are met.  See Caring for Scented Geraniums.
  • IN THE GARDEN - in the UK, Ireland and the more northern EU countries it is advised that Scenteds are grown outside from late May through to around late October; i.e. during frost free months of the year.  The plants should be lifted from the garden at the end of the season, potted up and over wintered inside in a frost free area.
  • PLANT IN THE GARDEN BORDER - in a mixed planted border Scenteds are an excellent addition and as they are highly perfumed will often add a totally different dimension to your garden.  Sizewise they do differ enormously and will range from a low growing type of approx. 8" to 12" in height to the larger varieties of 36" in height +.  Many types do spread quite extensively so don't plant too close and they will quickly establish and spread.
  • PLANT IN CONTAINERS, WINDOW BOXES & HANGING BASKETS - the only thing that will limit where you plant Scented Leaf Pelargoniums will be your imagination.  They really are versatile as this group of plants do not come in a uniform, standard shape, size or growing habit.  To inspire you there are trailing, semi-trailing, upright, arching, low growing types....and so on!  There is a type for every occasion and location.  Have a read through the individual Scented descriptions in our Catalogue where we have provided a guide on each types style and growing habit.
  • COOKING, BAKING, CRAFTS, HERBAL & COSMETIC PREPARATIONS - as a Herb the highly scented leaves do have many additional uses to just being admired.  The natural oils are released when the leaves are disturbed, crushed or chopped. 
  • From the Feedback we receive we do know that many people think of Scented Leaf Pelargoniums as just being a Seasonal plant for outdoors in the garden but they are so much more than just a pretty plant with a lovely scent.  Next time you are trimming back your plants don't throw the leaves away....instead find a use for them!!  After all, these are free leaves to use in so many ways......even a simple Pot Pourri.

Annie & Guy

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