Ordering Scented Leaf Pelargoniums - Communication, Patience & The Must Have It Now Brigade....

(July 04, 2013)

NOTE FROM ANNIE & GUY:  The article below was written in May 2010.
We would like to mention that 99.9% of our Customers are absolutely brilliant and a pleasure to communicate with.  Indeed, over several years many folk continue to drop us a quick email about plants and life in general.  Unfortunately, there is a tiny minority of folk who appear to derive some sort of perverse pleasure by writing obnoxious emails, often with no substance in the truth; no doubt this type of person does this to many companies and not just to us.  We still struggle to understand this type of Customer as we do go out of our way to be helpful and we really are big on email communication.

As a very keen and passionate Gardener & a Specialist Grower of Scented Leaf Pelargoniums I have learnt, over many years, just how important it is to place my Orders for any new plants I would like very early in the Season. 

I do browse the Internet plant catalogues quite a lot over the winter months and I derive a lot of pleasure from doing this during the darkest days of winter.  It lifts my spirits and paints a vivid picture in my mind of how I envisage my vegetable plot, hanging baskets, containers and flower borders will look from Spring through to Autumn.  I make notes of vegetabe varieties I would like to try out and occasionally I'll spot a perennial or shrub that is of interest.  Begonias are also one of my passions and this year I have spotted one or two new varieties that were of interest.  By February I would have most of my Orders placed and then know that I am well and truly organised.  I am well aware that quite a lot of the plants that I have ordered may not arrive for 3 months but at least I know that I will definitely receive them when it is time.  I have never once over many years not received plants that had been ordered well in advance.  Each and every Company, including us, have a system of how they manage the New Seasons deluge of orders.

The majority of the large and small plant/seed Companies do take payment at the time of Ordering and for me this isn't a problem and I do actually prefer them to do this as it prevents confusion on my Bank Statement 2 months later. 

To return to the Heading of this Hot Topic COMMUNICATION, PATIENCE & 'THE MUST HAVE IT NOW BRIGADE'!

COMMUNICATION:  We do go the extra mile to keep all of our valued Customers informed and do send Order Received, Payment Received, Order being Processed and Dispatch Emails.  If we feel a current situation deserves further explanation we would also send another email to each Customer individually in order to keep everyone informed, i.e. exceptionally high volumes of orders, volcanic dust situation.  We like to feel that we are in touch with our Customers and anyone may email us at any time throughout the year by using the Contact Us page here on our website and we'll reply personally.  For a relatively small and independent Nursery we think all of the above is pretty good.  All communications, we do ourselves which ensures that we provide excellent Customer Service.

PATIENCE:  We would like to extend a huge thank you to the vast majority of our Customers who understand how busy the early part of the growing Season is for us.  99.9% of our Customers do understand and are very patient, pleasant and reasonable.  Thanks to each and every single one of you.

'THE MUST HAVE IT NOW BRIGADE'!: This tiny minority group of people, the 0.01%, are a sad reflection on the way that modern Society is moving.  I would liken this group to the terible two's syndrome or when a baby throws its dummy out of the pram when it doesn't get its own way.  A person who falls into this category could be anything from 20 through to 80 years of age but have always been used to getting there own way, or having anything that they want.  That is NOW!!  IMMEDIATELY!!  The peculiar thing with this group is that they are in such a hurry to have instant gratification that they never read relevant information, such as, our Ordering, Payment and Delivery page on our website.  We thought by including the link on every single plant page in our Catalogue that we would spell out loud and clear how we manage Orders.  But, no, 'TMHINB' don't bother with such trivia as it's not on their agenda to understand anyone else other than themselves.  The ridiculous emails that we receive from this, thankfully, minority group are beyond belief and in the past have really irritated me.  Not any more though!!  We have come up with the most simplest of solutions and I'm surprised that we didn't think of this before.  From this day forward, well last week actually, anyone who attempts to put email pressure on us or sends us rude or ignorant emails will have their order cancelled and their payment will be refunded.  How simple a solution is that!!  What's more if in the event that you do receive a cancelled order and payment this is sending out a very clear message to you that you fit in the 'Must Have it Now Brigade'!!  Now there's something to think about and dwell on and from our perspective.....NO YOU CAN'T HAVE IT AT ALL!!

Now...there might be the odd one or two of you reading this who are thinking that we can't take this stance, surely?  Yes, we can and will.  We really enjoy what we do and growing Scented Leaf Pelargoniums is our biggest passion in life.  We receive a lot of really lovely emails from many of our Customers which really do give us tremendous pleasure.  We are of an age where we are not driven by money or the acquisition of it and we do have an idyllic life here in Northern Ireland and we live a peaceful life.  What we can be is selective in who we sell our lovely plants to and the 'Must Have it Now Brigade' are off our 'Radar'!

Annie (& Guy)

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