Scented Geraniums prefer some shade when it is very's a few tips

(July 14, 2012)

Shading, Ventilation, Air Circulation and regular Watering
are essential for healthy Scented Leaf Pelargoniums
especially during hot and sunny periods

In this article we take a look at the importance of Shading
Ventilation, Air Circulation and regular Watering are covered in further articles in our Hot Topics.

(This artcile was written in 2010!)
The soaring temperatures we are currently enjoying here in the UK and Ireland are a welcome change after such a long, very cold winter, which continued well into Spring.  So, having had to pay attention of how to protect our Scented Leaf's and other tender plants from the frost, damp and extreme cold we now have to take a look at the other extreme to keep our plants healthy.  Here's a few tips:

Scenteds do not like or enjoy full on sunshine.This applies to whether your SLP's are inside the home, in a greenhouse or tunnel, or planted out in the garden. 

  • In the home - if your plants are sitting on a window sill that receives full on sun you will need to move them or they will suffer, or even die.  If you consider that the sun's rays are significantly magnified through glass, the result will be that it is like putting a blow torch to your plants.  It's like us mad Brits who at the first sign of sun when we sit out at mid-day with full on rays and burn ourselves stupid in the hope of a tan that never materialises!  We end up looking like a lobster, we are in absolute agony and subsequently our skin peels and we are back to looking whiter than white.  If you have nowhere else to relocate your plants at least consider putting up a fine net curtain at the window to help protect them.
  • In the greenhouse or polytunnel - there are several ways of protecting the Scenteds from the intense sun and the soaring temperatures that are created through the glass or plastic.  However, whichever method you use please remember that it is important not to block out too much light:
    • Shading for greenhouseNetting - this is like a fine mesh and will reduce the intensity of the sun's rays by up to 40%.  It also significantly reduces the inside temperature.  It may be laid over the top of the greenhouse or tunnel on the outside, although we fix ours to the inside as we find this easier.  Suppliers - there are many on the internet, do a search using GREENHOUSE SHADING.
    • Painting on a film - this is the old method and originally a whitewash paint mix, such as diluted emulsion,  would have been utilised.  These days you can buy various products made for the job which will wash off easily at the end of the summer months.  Again, do a search online using GREENHOUSE SHADING for the various products available.
    • Venetian Blinds for the greenhouse - these are a good alternative as you have better control of the light.  They cost more but will last for several years.  They'll also help insulate the greenhouse in the winter at night.  Venetian blinds are also really good if you are going away for periods of time during the day.
    • Net Curtains - if you want a really cheap solution fine net curtains will do the job.  Pop to the local charity shop as there's usually plenty there.  Plus you'll be recycling.
  • In the Garden - including SLP's that are planted in containers etc.  This is a little trickier regarding Shading as it all depends where you have put the plants initially. 
    • If you have them planted in a very sunny part of your garden then you might well end up with a problem with burning and scorching.  Solution would be to either move them before they end up getting too big to dig up or to cover with shading netting or a fine net curtain on very sunny, hot days.  If they are planted in a very sunny location they will need some protection of some description on really hot and bright days.
    • Containers are not a problem as you'll be able to move them to a more suitable spot; hopefully you'll have the space to do this.

With the intense heat of the past week we do recommend that you observe what is happening to your Scented Leaf Geraniums and take appropriate action regarding Shading.

If you have any constructive comments or questions regarding Shading please email us by clicking here Contact Us.

We hope that the above was interesting and helpful.
Annie & Guy

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