Using the Special Delivery Instruction Box during Checkout.....a humorous look at just a few requests that we receive.

(August 01, 2013)
SMILEY POSTMAN  During our Checkout Procedure there is a text box for Customers to input any delivery instructions.  By this we mean that we are all attempting to help the local Postie or Courier to deliver your plants safely by providing additional information regarding your whereabouts.  The text that you provide is printed on a relatively small label and we do ask that you are concise, or it just won’t fit.

Have a read of the following which have been received with Orders over the past couple of years….in the Special Delivery Instruction box




  • Dear Postie: I am expecting this parcel and I AM AT HOME. :o)
    This is my favourite Special Delivery Instruction of all time – it’s great! 
    ***** AWARD
  • Gate under ivy, is locked please knock loudly, dog will bark!
    I’m still thinking this one through?  Does the Postie have to crawl under the ivy to find the gate only to find that it is locked?  How does the Postie manage to get to the door to deliver the parcel?  When the dog barks do they make a run for it?  Were the Scenteds actually delivered….or are they tucked under the ivy somewhere?



















  • Can you please ring before delivery
    Sorry but no.  We communicate by email and you will have received a Dispatch Notification.  If you didn’t please check your Email Junk Folder as sometimes Computer Security installed will move emails here.
  • Please contact on mobile phone number provided prior to delivery, for instruction on location.
    Sorry, no can do phone calls as we are not the ones that deliver the plants…the Royal Mail or Couriers do this.  The Special Delivery Instruction box is where you put directions to find your address.  If it is really hard to find the location please send it via a separate email to us and we’ll print it off and then stick it on the parcel.  If you really do require extra special treatment you have the option of paying for Next Day/Signed For to all UK destinations.
  • Please knock very hard on door and ring (*mobile number) if no one answers
    Sorry, no can do!  This is down to the individual Postie…some are very good and others are…not so accommodating.
  • Please ring *mobile number when attempting delivery and I’ll provide instructions on how to find my house.  You go through *town, carry on until the *crossroads and you’ll see the *pub on the right, you turn left at the *crossroads.  On the right there is a narrow lane and you go up here. There is a row of 6 houses and I am the 6th.  My house has red bricks and the garage has an eye affect over the window. If I don’t answer my mobile please ring my son on *mobile number and he will assist you.
    The label we use to print off the Special Delivery Instruction measures approx. 3ins x 1.5ins.  The above is bordering on a novel!!  However, I did print this off on A4 paper, trimmed it to size and then taped it to the parcel.  You may well appreciate that this all takes a lot of time which is something that we never have enough of.  We do really try very hard to offer excellent Customer Service but if we had to do this with every single parcel we’d never have time to grow the plants!  We appreciate that when addresses are in the middle of nowhere, such as ours is, that clear delivery instructions are imperative but no Postie or Courier is ever going to read a novel on their rounds!
  • Please telephone me when you know the dispatch date.
    As an Internet based Nursery we communicate by email and not by phone.  We’d love to have a chat with each and every one of our valued Customers but it’s the time factor once again.  When we first set up our website we did include our mobile number but soon realised that we would permanently be talking on the phone, which meant that we couldn’t do what we enjoy most in life and that is growing and tending our beautiful Scented Leaf Pelargoniums.  So….we’d love to have a chat but time doesn’t permit!
  • If possible could you post the plant to arrive as near as possible to my daughter’s birthday which is the 28th.
    OK, it does sound a little on the extreme side but we did manage to schedule P. Sweet Miriam to arrive on Miriam’s birthday.  Get it!!  I still wonder if Miriam had any idea about growing anything or whether her Mum ended up with the enjoyment.  Lovely thought though.  I do hope that daughter Miriam is as sweet as this particular Scented Leaf.

I say this as all of the following appear reasonable until you think on…….

  • If not in pls leave on front door step
    If we have received a Special Delivery Instruction such as this and the parcel ’failed to arrive’ we would not accept any responsibility.  In other words we would not replace the plants or issue a refund.
  • Please leave in polytunnel
  • Pls leave in greenhouse
    Interesting!  Yes, I’m sure that both of the above are very secure places to have a delivery of plants left.  Hold on though….what about if it’s a blazing hot sunny day?  Over the past few weeks the thermometer in our tunnel and greenhouse has mostly been reading anything between 80 to over 100 Degrees!  Taking into account that the plants are packed in blisterpacks, which are like mini-greenhouses, and you won’t be returning home for several hours… the greenhouse or tunnel such a good idea after all?
  • Just leave on the patio. Thank you.
    Similar to the first point above, we would not replace or issue a refund.
  • Can be left in dog house if no one home
    Where’s the dog?  Oucchh!
  • Please leave in blue bin near garage.
    Quite a few folk ask for their parcel to be placed in the recycling bin.  What happens, though, if the plants are delivered on the day that the blue bin is due to be emptied?  Does the Postie know the emptying days and/or would the bin folk know that the parcel of plants wasn’t for recycling?
  • If out pls put over gate.
    Well, this one put paid to all of the care that we took when we were packing!!  I have this vision of the Postie just lobbing the parcel 20 yards up the garden path.  Oh deary me!  I wouldn’t be surprised if this Customer then emailed us to say that a starter sized plant had come away from its roots in the blisterpack!






This Smiley represents my head exploding when I received this request!!

This is one of our Top Sellers and is excellent value for money at only £1.67 per plant, incl. P & P to the UK.  We have been quite clear in the description what our Terms are regarding picking the plants and it does clearly state that the choice of which Scenteds will be chosen is OURS.  On the picking day I collate all orders on to one Master sheet and we select all plants by the quantity and not by the individual order.  For example: 12 Selection Starter Pack x 25.  We do guarantee that we will send 12 different Scented Leaf Pelargonium Starters and we do attempt to include a varying selection of scents, types, leaf shape, growing habits.  If the description has been read on our website we tend to be at a loss as to why requests, such as below, are put in the Special Delivery Instruction box during Checkout, not to mention why we are being asked for the following in the first place?
  • Please note I have a nut allergy and so would prefer no scent of Nuts please.
    I don’t really get this one at all?  All scents are subjective to the individual and are ‘smells like’….as opposed to ‘contains traces of nuts’!  The person who bred the plant, i.e. BirdBush Nutty (Mr B White) thought that it reminded him of Roasted Almonds and had the plant categorised in this way by the RHS.  This doesn’t mean that it has any nut content!!  When I smell BB Nutty it reminds me more of a citrus scent and less of a nut one.  This subjective question of scents is one of the many aspects that makes growing Scented Leaf Pelargoniums so fascinating.  Of course, this topic has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with a Special Delivery Instruction.  This was a question that should have been raised via email prior to purchase.
  • If you could include some plants that are good for indoors, I’d be really grateful.
    The majority of SLP’s may be grown indoors as long as they are cared for in the correct manner.  There are lots of really good tips on how to do this in our Hot Topics section here on our website.
  • Please ensure that there are some lemon scented ones in the pack. My landlord or his wife are usually home if I am not and they live next door. Many thanks
    Funny, even as a child I never did what I was TOLD to do!   As for the Special Delivery Instruction, this should have provided the number of the house for an alternative delivery address.  How would the Postie know who is your Landlord and where they live?
  • Please could my starter pack contain different varieties from the other types I have ordered, if at all possible.  Many Thanks
    No.  As explained above we do not pick individual Orders all plants are picked from a Master sheet.  The way around this one would be to order the 12 Selection, receive it and then order again for other types that were not in the Selection. 
  • Would like chocolate scented included please.
    No.  Answer is as above.  Occasionally when we are not inundated with Orders and I spot a request such as this one I will try to remember and will include a particular plant that has been requested.  June 2010, we are still at the ‘inundated’ stage and we are still working from the Master picking sheet.  By the way, there is no such plant as a ‘chocolate scented leaf pelargonium’ – it is minty scented.
  • I would really appreciate a rose scented and a lemon scented amongst the selection
    Generally, there would always be at least one rose and lemon scented in the 12 Selection.
This past year the Royal Mail has really tightened up on the poor Postie and they are expected to deliver a much larger quantity of mail and small packages daily and are not given any extra time to do this.
  • If no-one around please leave at Coffee Shop, ground floor
    Who's a good Postie!
  • If not in please leave in blue bin and leave a note to say you have.
    Leaving a card is not always done due to the pressure that the Postie’s are under.  Would it not be just as simple to check the blue bin yourself?  After all we do send a Dispatch email to let you know when the plants will be posted.
  • Address is past what appears to be the end of the road. Go over the canal bridge and you’ll see our fence and gate to the left.
    Who’d really choose to be a Postie?!!!!!
  • If there is no answer at the door please leave the plants by the house – I am probably around in the garden somewhere if you’d like to find me or you can ring me. (? No phone number supplied?)
  • Just leave on door if we are out
    How do you do that?

(No deliveries on any Bank Holiday weeks and during December or January)
Delivery to the UK is by 1st Class Royal Mail and parcels usually arrive within 24/48 hrs from when we post.

  • Please deliver between 8am and 4pm at main office.
    We have absolutely no input in planning the Postie’s round.  If delivery is required during set hours it is recommended that Special Delivery Next Day/Signed For is requested.  There is a charge for this.
  • Deliver Wednesday to Saturday only
    Hmmmm!?  Now taking in to account that we clearly state on our website that our Dispatch days are either a Monday or a Tuesday, it would be an odds on certainty that the parcel would arrive between Wednesday and Friday!  Special Delivery Next Day/Signed For perhaps….
  • As this is a business address pls avoid delivery on Thursdays and Fridays and no post is delivered at weekends.
    Special Delivery Next Day/Signed For…a definite!


  • Recyclable packaging if possible.
    More than happy to oblige with this, although the plants would not be protected as well in transit as they are with the blisterpacks.

The saying is:

‘that there’s nowt so queer as folk!’

We couldn't agree more.

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