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My 90 year old Mother has always loved Pelargoniums or Geraniums as she calls them....

(September 02, 2010)
My 90 year old Mother, East Midlands in England, still enjoys pottering around in her garden and has always loved pelargoniums; or geraniums as they are known to her.  She’s never been a fanatical gardener and wouldn’t have a great deal of growing knowledge but loves the colour and the beauty that flowers provide freely to us all.  Mum loves red and bright pink flowers in particular and they cheer her up no end.  I think it is the short days of the dark winter months here in the UK that brings about this compelling desire, yea real need, for some colour in our busy lives as soon as the Spring days lengthen.  For quite a few years now I have posted my Mum quite a large selection of ‘geraniums’, including scented leaf’s (not that she understands what they are!) as well as some upright begonias.  At 90 years of age she is still able to plant them in her gardens herself and lovingly attends them from early June through to the first frosts of mid to late October. Whenever we talk on the phone she always mentions her ‘geraniums’ and I’m informed that people actually knock on her front door for a chat and to let her know how much they admire them.  Every day they are all checked and dead headed where needed and Mum has a very kind neighbour who occasionally waters her plants, this being as she has a water meter and they don’t!  My Mum’s front garden, all of her estate has open fronted gardens without fencing or walls, really does bring so many people tremendous pleasure and actually to some extent provides her with a social life.  There really is more to growing plants than what actually pleases the eye, if you see what I mean.  And trust me…if my 90 year old Mother can grow beautiful ‘geraniums’, without any particular growing knowledge….anyone can!!

Water meters apart, my Mother at the age of 90, does have a tendency to go on quite a lot about the weather and apparently many areas of the UK Mainland have had quite a severe drought with hardly any rain over the past few months.  Her lawns are yellow to her utter dismay and annoyance.  Not so here in Northern Ireland!  Apart from the quite hot weather of March we have had regular rain on and off and it has meant that we have had to do far less outside watering this year, thankfully.  I seem to recall that this has something to do with the Gulf Stream being somewhat erratic this year and as we are not that far away from the Atlantic Ocean, 1 hour’s drive to the Irish west coast, we have not had a rainwater shortfall.  Being as we do live in the ‘Emerald Isle’ we can see why it is referred to as so being, we really are surrounded by vibrant greenery here.

For the Gardening Beginners who might be reading this I do hope that my 90 years young Mother is an inspiration to you.  You do not have to be an expert to grow pretty plants as long as you choose the correct types.  Just a few minutes a day with bring you many months of pleasure and Scented Leaf Pelargoniums are a great choice and really are quite easy to grow. 

If my Mum can grow Scented Geraniums, trust me, anyone can!!

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