When you place your Order through our website we always keep you updated on progress by emails

(December 31, 2016)

Helpful information on how we manage Orders
from receipt through to dispatch

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When you place your order through our website we have an excellent Order Management System in place that will always keep you updated on the progress.  We would suggest that you check the anti-spam/filtering software on your computer to ensure that it will allow our emails to be accepted.  It has been brought to our attention that our updating emails are sometimes not being received and this is due to the settings on Customers' computers and it is not a fault with our system.

When we have received your Order you will receive the following emails:

  • Email 1 = an automated response from our website, which is an instant acknowledgement to let you know that your Order has been received and it is now in our Order Management System.
  • Email 2 = all orders received during each day are checked the following morning.  We are a hands on working Nursery and we are tending our plants outside during the day.  
    Each Order is unique and it is at this stage that we are able to assess an anticipated dispatch date.  We personally send an email to each of our Customers advising the anticipated scheduled delivery date.
  • Email 3 = is the 'about to be dispatched' email.  We send this email a few days before the plants are due to be packed and dispatched to let you know that your Order will be arriving during the coming week.
  • When you communicate with us please use an email address that is able to receive our replies.  It is not advisable to use an email address connected with a Company, the Government or similar.  Chances are that you will not receive our response to your email. 

We do always go out of our way to keep all of our Customers informed of Order progress but, we're sorry, managing Customers anit-spam/filtering software really is completely out of our control!

Annie & Guy

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