General Updates for the 2013 Season

(January 01, 2013)
Setting out our ‘stall’ for 2012 – in this Hot Topics article we are attempting to précis a lot of the information that is on our website and make all of this in to a quick reference read. 

Ordering, Payment & Delivery Information


***Updated recently***


Year on year we continually review our website and update information on an ongoing basis and we do recommend that our Ordering, Payment & Delivery Information is checked prior to placing an Order. 


Many of the updates are in response to questions we are asked and invaluable Customer Feedback.  If something can be improved and requires changing – that is what we do.


Well, maybe not quite.

***Updated recently***


It makes us very happy when we make our valued Customers happy!  From Feedback and the repeat orders that we regularly receive this happy state applies to the majority of our Customers. 


We’ll never please absolutely everyone, it is impossible to do, but we do our best to resolve any given individual situation.  Should a Customer not be happy with the Jumbo Starters that they received, no problem, send them back to us and we’ll issue a refund.  This is explained in detail in Ordering, Payment & Delivery Information – No Quibble Returns applies to UK only.

**Sorry, we do not guarantee the performance of plants in the 12 Selection Starter pack. The quality of these plants is exceptional but they are not suitable for the novice gardener who is not used to bringing on a smaller sized plant.**


Customer Service




***and how may we help you today?***

***Updated recently***


It is, and always has been, our aim that our Customers and website Visitors are valued and that they should be at the forefront of all of our decisions.  It is really important to us that each and every single one of our Customers does have an enjoyable experience when they visit our website.  Our website really is not just about buying plants and money!!  It is informative and helpful and we do our best to promote the little known Scented Leaf Pelargonium group worldwide.  Many people worldwide, who cannot buy from us due to EU Plant Regulations, do contact us for help and information.  We are always happy to oblige and often provide links that we are aware of in other parts of the world.  Occasionally we are asked if we know of a Nursery that posts out different or rare types of plants, other than Scenteds, and we research this and send the link/s.






***lovely to hear from you again***

***Updated recently***


We are big in to email communication and love to hear from you.  

Sorry, we don’t accept phone calls, texts or snail mail. 


We would love to have a chat but there are never enough hours in any day to get everything done in our Nursery.  Nor do we offer a free garden design service!


Send us an email and we’ll personally reply.

Plant Prices etc.




***how much?***

***Updated recently***


All prices are clearly shown on the front page of our website, with no hidden extras.

Our pricing system has been designed to be totally simple and transparent.  Unlike the majority of other plant suppliers we do not hide additional profit in P & P costs.

P & P is totally FREE to all areas of the UK and we have reduced P & P to Southern Ireland, Channel Isles and the Outer Isles.


Plants picked for

***Updated recently***

We take exceptional care when we select plants and each and every one is individually inspected for strong root growth and general health.  When any plant leaves our Nursery we know 100% that it left in perfect condition.


All plants are posted out as ‘bare rooted’, which means that we have removed them from their plant pots and taken off some of the compost around the roots.  This is the only practical and affordable way to post out plants and the special blisterpack packaging that we use ensures that they do arrive in excellent condition.  

For larger orders we shall also be using sturdy boxes with loose void fill to protect the plants whilst in transit.


It is important that all plants are potted up as quickly as possible when they are received and undue delays will be detrimental.

Unrooted Cuttings





***for EXPERIENCED Gardeners***

***Updated recently***


New addition to our 2012 Catalogue, unrooted cuttings are for people who are confident Gardeners.  Not all of the individual types are available as some are too fragile at this stage to post

We are not guaranteeing this option but are sending 5 cuttings per type and the cuttings will be taken on the morning of posting.  As a guide delivery is usually 24 hrs to 48hrs to the UK but we cannot guarantee this either as Royal Mail delivery times do vary from area to area.

Beginners/Inexperienced Gardeners should not purchase unrooted cuttings.

Starter Size

***Updated recently***

Often referred to as a ‘plug’ plant it is a cutting from a Parent plant that has taken root but is still at the baby stage and requires growing on.  There isn’t a standard size within the Scented Leaf Pelargonium group as each individual type’s growing habit varies. 

One reason why we do not provide a photo of a ‘plant in the hand’, which some plant catalogues show, is that it is very rare for the received plants to be the size of the photo; very misleading indeed!  Also, Scented Geraniums do not come in a standard size, they vary enormously from type to type.
Transparency is our middle name and we never mislead our Customers.


If you are confident at ‘growing on’ baby plants we offer a 12 Selection Starter Size pack; click link for details and where we post to.  We no longer sell individual types in this size as the unrooted cuttings have replaced these.

Jumbo Starter Size

***Updated recently***

We are the only UK based Specialist Nursery who have listened to our Customers and who have the guts to post out this size of Scented Leaf.

Introduced in our online Catalogue in early 2011 we were amazed at the instant popularity and how well received they have been. 

This larger sized Scented Geranium is tricky to pack and takes a lot of time but from the Customer Feedback that we receive it is well worth the effort as you have let us know just how thrilled and pleasantly surprised you were when you opened the packaging.  The intensity of the scents/aromas when the package is opened has also taken many of you by surprise and this really does possess the WOW! factor.

They are exceptional value for money as we have ‘grown on’ each one and they are all well past the ‘baby’ stage.  Strong and healthy and of a good size they quickly establish and will rapidly put on even more new growth and will soon be in flower. 

As a guide the majority of plants we pick are approx. 6 inches or more in height from the base of the root.  They also have good side growth and additional new cuttings will be able to be taken in a very short space of time.

Medium Size

***Updated recently***

These are large and established mature plants and have instant appeal.  The size of an individual type does vary but all will be at least a late 1st Season or a 2nd Season plant.  Refer to the individual type’s details page in our Catalogue, which provides the Growing Habit at maturity, i.e. Height x Spread.


Please Contact Us to check Type Availability of our Medium Size.  Often we do have some but we don’t always show this on our website, especially during March through to the end of June.

Special Offers

***Updated recently***

For the past few years the following are Top Favourites with our Customers:

·12 Selection Starter Pack

·8 Selection Jumbo Starter Pack


During the year we often offer additional Special Offers, do check our website on a regular basis.

Practice makes Perfect…..



***patience is also helpful***

***Updated recently***


During the past few years we have noticed that there are some people who expect their plants to grow themselves. They won’t!  All plants do require caring for and we do provide a vast amount of information throughout our website on how to grow Scented Geraniums.  All types within the Scented Leaf group will provide many years of pleasure if they are cared for correctly.  However, like all things in life it is a learning curve to obtain the relevant knowledge in order to achieve brilliant results.


When we post out plants from our Nursery they leave here in perfect condition and it is then up to the individual Customer to make them thrive and flourish.  We are sorry to say that we are unable to take on the responsibility of growing plants from a long distance and undoubtedly this is also an impossibility.  If you really would like to get the most out of your beautiful Scenteds please take the time to read through our website; all the information you need to grow successfully is there.  We do assist where possible but there is a limit to what we are able to do or advise.  Unfortunately, we are unable to create an instant experienced Gardener.

Where to find helpful information on our website…..

***Updated recently***


Apart from the extensive information that we have researched and provided on each individual type’s details page there are 4 other places to visit on our website, which you might find interesting and helpful.  Here’s the links:

·Hot Topics – various articles

·FAQ’S – answers to frequently asked email questions

·Calendar for Growing Pelargonium – month by month guide

·Ordering, Payment & Delivery Information


You might also like to check out and subscribe to….

***Updated recently***


·Our YouTube Videos

·Our Blog – Subscribe and receive our latest monthly Special Offers



When you Contact Us….

***Updated recently***

This might sound absolutely ridiculous but when you communicate with us please be polite; we really are here to help and we always find a solution for a problem or an answer to a question.  Of course, the majority of emails that we receive are extremely pleasant, but there’s a few folk who are downright rude, aggressive and unpleasant.  Hard to imagine but unfortunately it is so.  Our latest Policy to tackle rudeness…..we hit the delete button! 

Polite Communication always gets a result!!


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