No, we do not grade how strong the scent is per plant

(July 12, 2016)

No, we most definitely would not smell each and every single pelargonium plant
when we are selecting individual types ready for dispatch
we do not grade the intensity of the scent per plant
not half as much as we are!

are some people for real?
was this some sort of joke?
(unfortunately, the Customer who emailed us was being serious
well, we think he was?)

We never know what each and every single email will contain, we receive many hundreds of emails each year, but the one that we received yesterday really does take our award for the most ridiculous communication that we have ever received. 

Basically, the Customer took delivery of their order 2 weeks ago and decided to order more plants.  The email request was that when we picked his 2nd order would we smell each individual plant and pick the plants that had the strongest scent.  He went on to say that the plants that he had received did not smell of anything - what?   

He has to be kidding, be totally insane
or have some sort of serious nasal problem!
Read what our Customers have to say re the intensity of the scents
Everyone is totally amazed even when they buy plug plants
as they smell unbelievable when they are still small

This Customer's 2nd Order has been cancelled by us and the money has been refunded!
Life can be trying enough in this 'must have it now' society that we live in
without having to do business with nutcases.

We still cannot get over this email - it will stick in our minds for a very, very long time.
A scented pelargonium produces the fragrance that it is genetically destined to. 
We do not have any influence over this act of Nature.  Absolutely, unbelievable.


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