please read prior to placing your preorder applies from Friday 22nd May 2020

scented pelargonium solferino
P. solferino

preorder status is in effect until further notice - we are unable to deliver immediately
we anticipate that delivery will be later in June although this cannot be 100% guaranteed. on the other hand it may be earlier.......
due to the unprecedented volume of orders we continue to receive, currently we are unable to provide an anticipated dispatch week. we will send a dispatching notification a few days prior to posting. be aware that patience may be required

how long is the current wait from placing an preorder?
that's a difficult question to answer right now and does vary from one order to the next. consider the combinations possible when selecting from the 130+ scented pelargonium types that we grow. this is endless and every single order is unique. to put this in to context - how long is a piece of string? we always attempt to offer a diverse and varying selection of individual scented pelargonium types. this is one of many reasons why we are Specialist Growers and why we cannot be compared to a garden centre or other plant retailers

anticipated availability explained
during the past couple of months we have been contacted by many of our regular and loyal Followers who have been asking questions re availability of particular named scented pelargonium types. due to this we have been adding further anticipated availability that normally we would not be adding until next month and beyond. as soon as we have added further availability this has been preordered almost instantly. we have been quite taken aback by this as we have never known anything like this before. the Nation has gone plant crazy. it's the pandemic effect, as well as us becoming even more well known with each passing year. as far as the pandemic goes, think supermarket and toilet rolls. panic buying, as shops were closed. similar applies to plants.
we'll be adding anticipated availability on a weekly basis, please understand that this stock is NOT for immediate delivery. each order is unique and delivery will depend on when the selected types of plants become ready. we have upped the quantity of our propagation schedule and continue to take further cuttings. plants take time to root and to grow

our let's be fair policy
we have always operated this policy and it underpins our principals. as Specialist Growers our fundamental goal has always been to raise the profile of the scented leaf pelargonium group of plants to as many gardening enthusiasts as is possible. we have never offered a wholesale option and we treat every single person the same. recently we have been receiving extra large orders from businesses which has resulted in a shortfall in anticipated availability. with immediate effect the current preorder status is -
there is a maximum quantity of no more than 3 per individual named type
we will be monitoring quantities closely and will adjust orders if necessary and issue refunds

which areas or countries do you deliver scented geraniums to?

we deliver throughout the UK that have a postcode recognised by the Royal Mail
currently we are unable to deliver to Ireland
we do not deliver to any other countries, other than the UK and Ireland

scented pelargonium specialist growers

we do have amazing Customers and we thank you for supporting us over the years

a huge thank you to everyone who has personally emailed us during the past few months. we have been amazed and touched by the kind thoughts that you have expressed, it truly has been wonderful. it is you that enables us to continue to do what we love doing the most, growing scented leaf pelargonium every single day of the year. without you what we do would not be possible

as many of you know, independent plant nurseries have been in a serious decline for the past couple of decades and we really are priviliged to be able to do what we do. there is never a day that passes that we fail to reflect on this. growing scented leaf pelargonium continues to bring us immense joy every single day and we know that our efforts pass on our joy to you. this thought is what keeps us going. we are different, we'll never be rich and we don't seek this. it is expensive running a specialist nursery which is the main reason as to why so many have disappeared. the photo above is an old one and three years ago we now have our dream extra large commercial polytunnel plus a smaller one and we still run out of space. I think no matter how much growing space we had we would always fill it, I'm sure all gardening enthusiasts will identify with this

Well I have to end for now and in advance we both thank you again for your continuing support and patience

All the best, until the next time.....

Annie and Guy

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