Due to changes in Royal Mail policies - T & C's we shall no longer be offering 2nd class posting.  RM Policy change: delivery may take anything up to 10 days -  postal delay would = dead plants on arrival.


OCTOBER THROUGH TO MARCH EACH YEAR:  we do not post out any plants.
2017 SEASON:  DISPATCH BEGINS LATE MARCH ONWARDS - WEATHER PERMITTING and subject to types ordered being available.

During 2014/15 and more so during 2016 it is becoming increasingly evident that some Customers do NOT read anything written on this page - which has been compiled to ensure that each Customer understands our Policies and what they are committing to when we accept an Order. 
We do not accept any abusive or unpleasant communications and emails with offensive content will be deleted and will not be read or replied to.  Why a certain type of person feels this is acceptable is beyond us.  We supply PLANTS.
IT IS, THEREFORE, ESSENTIAL that each individual 'Customer/the BUYER' reads through the detailed information set out below PRIOR to placing their Order.  It has been written to assist the 'Customer'.
We do not deviate from our Policies, as they have been written in an honest and transparent manner with the intention of not only protecting the interests of the 'Customer' but also the interests of our Business.  All genuine Businesses have Policies in place, we are no different.
The important information on this page forms the basis of a Legal Contract between the 'Buyer' and us the 'Seller'.
We find it totally illogical that any Customer after receiving their Order considers that they have the right to dictate different Terms to what is written on this page? 
No Customer has any Legal Right to tell us how to operate our Business, our Policies are clearly and concisely set out below, and we only accept an Order when the 'Customer' agrees to our T & C's.
In the event that a 'Customer' does not agree we would not accept the Order and it would be automatically rejected.
Each 'Customer' will be asked to tick a box during the Checkout procedure which confirms that they have read and agree to abide by our T & C’s, as detailed below.
Please do not proceed to place an Order if you do not agree with our Policies/Terms and Conditions, as we shall not deviate from this information for any reason.  This applies not only to previous Seasons it will resolutely apply throughout 2017.


  • An Order is accepted on the basis that 'the Customer' agrees to our Terms, Conditions & Policies which are set out in detail below.
    We do not deviate or make exceptions to our Policies – they are fair, honest and transparent.
  • We are an internet based Scented Geraniums Specialist Nursery - mail order only.
    Scented Leaf Pelargonium is our Speciality and Passion; we do not grow any other type of plants for resale.
  • All plants are thoroughly health checked prior to dispatch, however on a very rare occasion, a plant may be damaged in transit.
    Should you encounter any problem when the plants arrive it is important that you email us immediately - please do not delay contacting us. 
    Please read Section 15. Problem? what you should do.  
    Contact Us via email - we respond quickly, usually within 24 hours. 
  • We do not guarantee Starter plugs for any reason - if a novice gardener please order our Jumbo Starter size.


We apologise if our Ordering, Payment & Delivery Information seems on the lengthy side but it is necessary as we really do want our Customers to be aware of their ‘Buyer's Rights’ and of our ‘Seller's Rights’ too.

Our Telephone Details?  We communicate via email; we are a hands on working nursery and time is precious.  Time is, as they say, money – we never have enough time to fit everything in that needs doing.  Office work and order processing is undertaken very early each morning, so we can get outside.

Let our Customers speak for us; please read our Customer Feedback.
Excellent Customer Service is central to our thinking
we supply carefully raised, healthy and well cared for quality plants.

We do hope that you enjoy making your personal Scented Geranium Selection

Annie & Guy

or, please scroll down to read our full
Ordering, Payment & Delivery Information 
1.  General Delivery Information 6.  Payment Methods accepted 11. How we pack plants 16. Privacy Policy
2.  Placing your Order Help 7.  How Orders are processed 12. Our Delivery Schedule 17. We ask for certain information from you
3.  What may be Ordered and to Where 8.  Keeping YOU informed 13. When you receive your plants 18. Your Debit or Credit Card
4.  Ordering a large Qty of an individual type 9.  Contact Us 14. Guarantee details 19. Our Website Content
5.  Special Instruction Box at Checkout 10. Countries we post to + P & P 15. Problem? - what you should do 20. Miscellaneous

Order Processing
through to
Delivery Information

NEW SEASON EACH YEAR:  Many of our regular Customers do place their Orders very early in the previous autumn for a Spring dispatch. e.g. from September onwards for delivery in March, April or May.
Orders are always 'queued for dispatch' in strict date sequence of when each is received.    
We do not deviate from how orders are 'queued for dispatch' and we refer to this as our 'Let's be Fair' Policy!

During the extra busy months of March, April, May, June and July we do endeavour to dispatch Orders as quickly as we are able to, however, there might be a longer wait for delivery.  
Due to the sheer volume of Orders that we receive during these months this is, unfortunately, unavoidable

Placing your Order Help

We do not accept Orders by telephone or post.
All communication is via our website
or by direct email.

If you are encountering a problem placing an order please read through this page and if that doesn't help please
Contact Us

  • Catalogue Page - individual types are listed alphabetically after the Special Offers
  • Select item - use the drop down menu and click on an option to check availability and price.
  • How many? - type in the quantity.  You can view, amend or delete any item later if required.
  • Click Add to Shopping Basket - amendments may be made before finalising Checkout.
  • Proceed to the Secure Checkout and finalise the Order
  • The total amount of the Order will be charged to your debit/credit card at this time and you will receive an email confirming this.
  • DISPATCH SCHEDULE see section 12 – weather conditions early in Spring do impact on this schedule and may create a delivery delay.  We'll keep you informed by email.
    - Jumbo Starter Size and 8 Jumbo Starter Selection Special Offer, Plant Care Sundries = from April onwards

    - 10 Selection Starter Size Special Offer and individual starter sized plugs = from late April onwards
    - Unrooted Cuttings = from late April, subject to availability 
  • Last Orders each year are accepted and dispatched during September, cut off is advised on website
  • New Season Orders are accepted approx. mid September onwards for delivery in the following Spring.

IMPORTANT:  Please ensure when completing your order that you type in your full delivery address details correctly.  We are unable to accept any responsibility for non-delivery if an incorrect address was provided.  Nor do we accept any responsibility for non-delivery or delays to a company or government address; this includes colleges.

Please be assured that we do not have any access to your debit/credit card details, nor would we want to:
See Section 6.

What may be Ordered
and to
Which Countries?

***  P & P  ***
See Section 10 

P & P is very fair and reasonable
as we absorb some of this charge
there is NO
 minimum order value
  we understand money is tight for everyone

  • Special Offer of 10 Selection Starter Size Selection - UK and Ireland - YES.  Channel Isles- NO.
  • Special Offer of Jumbo Starter Size Selection – UK, Ireland & Channel Isles - YES.
  • Individual types of Jumbo Starter Size - UK, Ireland & Channel Isles - YES. 
    Recommended – they are a larger, established JUMBO STARTER plant that have been potted and grown on for several weeks and are past the baby stage.  This size is not a mini plug plant, HOWEVER, neither is it a medium or a mature plant. 
    Each type of Scented Geranium has its own unique growing characteristic - some make very large plants, whilst others are smaller at maturity.  Therefore, the size of an individual type will reflect this.
  • Individual Starter size types supplied as a small plug plant - UK and Ireland - YES.  Channel Isles - NO.  
    Recommended for Experienced Gardeners - not suitable for Beginners - it would be a false economy 

    This size is a small plug plant and requires knowledge and the right conditions to grow on.
  • Unrooted Cuttings x 5 of individual types for Experienced Gardeners - UK - YES.  Ireland and Channel Isles - NO.
    (not suitable for Beginners)
  • Plant Sundries - individually priced - UK and Ireland - YES.  Channel Isles - NO.
    Propagation Kits and Refill packs - individually priced - UK and Ireland - YES.  Channel Isles - NO.

Ordering a large Quantity
of an individual type?

  • If you order over a Qty of 5 of any one type we will email you and let you know an anticipated delivery week.
  • Please email us to Order a Qty of 10 and over of a particular type, we'll advise an anticipated dispatch.
  • You may Contact Us to check availability and an approx. delivery time prior to placing your Order.

Special Instruction Box
during Checkout?

  • This box is for Instructions to help your local Postie find your address, or to leave your parcel somewhere safe; preferably inside a porch or garage.
    Please be brief as the info has to fit on a label.
  • Please note that should you request that your parcel be left outside of your property we do not accept any responsibility for non-delivery or damage.  We would not refund the order value or replace plants.  
    The onus would be on you 'the Customer' to take this up with the Royal Mail.
  • We are unable to tell your local Postie to deliver at a certain time of the day, this is beyond our control. 
    Nor do we ring Customers to remind them that their plants will be delivered that day.
For all other requests or queries relating to your Order - please use the Contact Us page.

Payment Methods Accepted?

** This remains the safest

  • PayPal:  Debit/Credit Cards - most are accepted. 
    This is our preferred method of payment and is the safest and quickest.
  • We do not accept e-Cheques or Cheques/Cash by post. 
    If you are experiencing problems paying - please try using a different card.
  • We do not accept any responsibility for Cash posted to us - believe it or not it does happen, often with little information enclosed.
  • We do not have a card processing machine here.

How Orders are Processed?
  • All Orders are processed in sequence of date received + availability. 
  • Our 'Let's be Fair Policy' - please do not attempt to put pressure on us to deliver your order earlier than the anticipated delivery week we emailed to you.
    We do not deviate from our Policies.

Keeping YOU Informed
the importance of providing us with a valid email address
  • We always, without exception, send individual email updates during the Ordering - Processing - Dispatch stages.
  • If you do not receive our updates the chances are that your computer is set to block emails from a company email address, or you have used a company or government email address that does not accept replies.
  • We recommend that you use a valid private email address

Contact Us
  • By clicking on the link you will be able to email us direct and we aim to reply within 24 hours or sooner.
  • We are an Internet based Specialist Nursery and communicate by email. 
  • We do not give out our telephone number for Security reasons, unwanted cold calling and our daily time restrictions.

Countries we post plants to
P & P?
  •  All areas of the UK - YES
    If you live in a remote and difficult to get to area of Scotland - Orders are accepted on an 'own risk basis'.   See Section 14.
  •  Ireland - YES
    Orders are accepted on an 'own risk basis'.  See Section 14.
  • √ Channel Isles & outer UK Isles that are not classified as being part of the UK  although affiliated - YES
    Orders are accepted on an 'own risk basis'.  See Section 14.
  • X Remainder of the EU  - NO - we are no longer posting plants to other EU Countries due to unreliable overseas Couriers.
  • X Rest of the World - NO

P & P



we do not make money
on P & P
we do set out to
be fair and honest

with no hidden extras
we absorb approx. 50%
of the P & P cost per order


UK = England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland + Scottish Outer Isles. 
CHANNEL ISLES - please select UK during Checkout

Royal Mail Delivery
Service 1 = 1st class parcel rate NOT signed for
Service 2 = 1
st class parcel SIGNED for

Due to changes in Royal Mail policies - T & C's we shall no longer be offering 2nd class posting.  
RM Policy change: delivery may take anything up to 10 days - postal delay would = dead plants on arrival.



Delivery by AnPost - signed for service - usually next day after we post

 Order Value                   P & P

up to £20.00                    9.95
20.01 to 40.00               12.95
40.01 to 80.00               19.90
80.01 to 120.00             29.85
120.01 to 160.00           39.80
160.01 to 200.00           49.75
201.00 to 240.00           59.70
240.01 to 280.00           69.65
280.01 to 320.00           79.60
**over 320.00
custom quote for P & P

How we pack plants for posting

Each plant is supplied with a laser printed, weatherproof label with type name and scent.

  • We take exceptional care when selecting and packing plants, unrooted cuttings and sundries and use appropriate tried and tested packaging.
  • Whenever possible we recycle boxes we have received - this helps to keep the P & P charge low and is also environmentally friendly.
  • Loose void fill is recyclable - pop it in to your compost bin.


Delivery Schedule

  • Dispatch days are:
    • Monday and/or Tuesday each week between April and July.  
    • August onwards on Tuesday, weekly or fortnighly depending on volume.
  • Dispatch variations to the above:
    • Public Bank Holidays
    • adverse weather conditions
    • industrial disputes
We'll email you should the anticipated dispatch week need to be changed.

When you receive your plants

Refer back to our website for
Caring for Scented Geraniums
Pelargonium Calendar
Hot Topics
About Scented Geraniums

  • Open the package as soon as possible on arrival and provide air, light and water if needed
  • If a particular type of plant was not ready or available and this would result in a dispatching delay we shall refund the cost of the plant/s. 
    we do not supply an alternative type, our Customers tell us that they do not like us to do this.

Which Plants or Cuttings do we Guarantee?
Our Guarantee to refund the cost of a plant covers the following in conjunction with the main Terms in Section 15:
  • Jumbo Starter Size:  UK - YES for a period of 14 days from the day that we post out.
  • Jumber Starter Size:  Ireland, Channel Isles and remote areas of Scotland - NO.
    Orders are accepted on the basis that a Customer understands and agrees that they are ordering on an 'own risk basis'.
    The majority or Orders to these destinations do not encounter any delivery problems, however,occasionally delays happen resulting in the plants suffering.
  • Individual Starter size plug plants:  UK - NO. 
    We do not offer any guarnantee with plug plants.
    Gardening Beginners please  purchase Jumbo Starters, plug plants would be a false economy for you as you need correct conditions and knowledge to raise this size successfully.
  • Special Offer 10 Selection Starter Size plug plants:  UK - NO. 
    We do not offer any guarantee with plug plants.  Unfortunately, although we stress and emphasise that inexperienced gardeners should not purchase this size many still do in an attempt to save money. 
    Gardening Beginners please  purchase Jumbo Starters, this size would be a false economy for you, as we state above.

  • Special Offer Jumbo Starter Selection:  UK - YES for a period of 14 days from the day that we post out.
  • Special Offer Jumbo Starter Selection:  Ireland, Channel Isles and remote areas of Scotland - NO
  • Unrooted Cuttings for Experienced Gardeners:  Not guaranteed to any destination as per main details page states.
    Gardening Beginners please purchase Jumbo Starters, we do not provide lessons on propagation.

Please read the information relating to the UK Internet Distance Selling Regulations in the next section no 15.

You have a problem with your order? 

What should you do?
Contact us immediately!  Do not delay.


We do not deviate from the Policies in this Section - please do not ask us to.

  • Contact Us by email as soon as possible.  UK - you should urgently contact us if your parcel has not arrived within 5 days of us advising you that your Order has been dispatched.
  • This may well sound silly but please communicate with us in a POLITE way.  You will get a much better result!  Rudeness will not be tolerated for any reason.  We are very pleasant and reasonable people and always attempt to resolve a problem satisfactorily.
    Please read the following which explains how we resolve a problem with a plant:
    • A Customer has the right to return the plants that they received within 14 days of the date that we posted them for any reason. 
      This equals 3 days for the plants to be in transit to the Customer, plus a further 4 days in addition to the regulatory 7 days of the Distance Selling rules.This is very fair and allows more than enough time for a problem to be brought to our attention.
    • Please note that plants are not covered by the UK Distance Selling Rules as they are considered perishables, however, we have made the decision to be really fair provided that the following points are strictly adhered to.  
    • The plants should be returned to the address provided at the top of this page, on the left.  Please email us for the postcode.
    • The plants must be returned to us in the original packaging that they came in. 
      Failure to comply with this will make the return unacceptable and no refund will be issued.
    • Please include the original Order Number, Customer Name & Address and email address plus a short note stating why the plants have been returned.
      We need to know who you are.
    • In line with Distance Selling Regulations the Customer will pay the cost of the return postage.  
    • When the plants are returned back to us, which must be within the allotted timescale above, provided that they have not been tampered with in any way we will issue a full or partial refund back by the original payment method.  Our decision is final and will be fair.
      Should the plants have been tampered with we will not be under any obligation to issue any refund. 
    • Contacting us too late, after 14 days, when you have encountered a problem we are sorry but we would not issue a refund.  Nor would we enter in to a protracted email discussion of who is right and who is wrong.  Policy is policy.
    • Our decision is final - there is no room for discussion on when or why we do or do not issue a refund.  This is due to past experiences of many years of unfortunately coming across a minority of very offensive and/or dishonest people.
    • Rest assured that we do offer excellent Customer Service and we do always go out of our way to resolve a problem.
    • We reserve the Right to amend our Ordering, Payment & Delivery Information, Terms & Conditions, at any time without further Notice.  
  • Ireland, Channel Isles and remote areas of Scotland:  Orders are accepted on an 'own risk' basis, including delayed delivery and condition of the plants when they arrive.

Privacy Policy
  • We are totally committed to protecting your privacy and will only use the personal information that you provide to process your order efficiently and provide you with good service.
  • Under no circumstances do we ever pass Customers details on to Third Parties.

We ask for the following Information from you
  • Your name
  • Your billing address
  • A contact phone number, although it is rare when we would use this.
  • Your email address- please use a private one and not a business or place of work one.
  • An alternative address for delivery should it not be your own 
    This information is necessary for us to process your order
Your Debit/Credit Card
  • We do not have any access to your debit or credit card during the processing of your Payment
  • We will never ask you for your card details/Numbers
  • Under no circumstances should you divulge this information to anyone other than PayPal or Google Checkout.
  • We would never send you an email asking for this information nor would PayPal or Google Checkout.

Our Website Content

2005 - All Rights Reserved

  • All content, text or photos, remains our property.  If you would like to use extracts please Contact Us.
  • Photos - right click is disabled and photos are protected.  If you would like photos please Contact Us.
  • We do not enter into general discussion regarding the text or photo content of our website.
  • We do not enter into general discussion on how we run our Business.
  • Feedback is always welcome regarding our Customer Service and our plants providing it is constructive, non-offensive and polite.



Who really enjoys so many rules – certainly not us!!  However, we have not written the above because we have nothing better to do with our time, far from it.
The Policies that have been set in place are due to necessity from situations that we have experienced over many years of selling our lovely scented geraniums on the internet. 
Just when you think that you have all areas covered, lo and behold, we find that we are confronted by what we can only term an unreasonable attitude.  Mostly, such people, have not even read through this page.  
We make no apology for attempting to be honest and fair but if some people are not prepared to read through our T & C’s prior to ordering what more can we possibly do!!
We sincerely hope that you enjoy growing
Scented Geraniums 
Here is the link to return to the main Catalogue page

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