Covid-19 pandemic revision to our T and C's re delivery of orders applies from 13th April 2020 onwards preorders are accepted on an OWN RISK basis

from 15th April 2020 orders will be accepted on a pre-order own risk basis
this means that we will NOT refund or replace plants for any reason. this is in line with long distance selling regulations for all perishable items - please read full information provided below
the anticipated delivery week will be advised when we receive your preorder
you will receive a processing email which includes the anticipated dispatch week
you will receive a confirmation dispatching email a few days prior to us posting

sincere apologies, we are unable to accept orders during the pandemic
check tracking information here

revision to posting method
due to changes in the Royal Mail's policy all parcels will be posted by
small parcels 48 hours tracked - the Royal Mail are not requesting signatures due to the pandemic

please leave a clear instruction for the Postie if you need your parcel leaving in a secure place, we cannot do this at our end

please appreciate that the Royal Mail and all other Courier Employees are under enormous pressure as parcel volumes have tripled
this is likely to continue to increase as more of the Public are ordering online during the pandemic

scented geraniums
scented leaf pelargonium historically referred to as scented geraniums

suspension of our 14 days plant guarantee
from 13th April all pre-orders are accepted on an OWN RISK basis
this is necessary due to the current situation with the Royal Mail which will NOT guarantee tracked parcels being delivered within 48 hours
in addition, the Royal Mail never compensates for plants lost in transit, damaged or delayed, being as plants are classified as perishables
in more normal times the latter rarely occurs if ever and parcels do arrive within 48 hours
these are not normal times, please be totally aware of this
we cannot say how long the Royal Mail will take to deliver a parcel - this is their responsibility to deliver the service that is purchased. however, the Royal Mail are a law unto themselves - they never listen to their Customers - they will not listen to us

each week we closely monitor the delivery of each parcel - please follow the tracking information that you will receive once the parcel has been scanned. we highly recommend that you do this

delivery delays appear to be highest in these areas

the delay risk or non delivery of a parcel is minimal, however, it could be a possibility

To summarise our change of Policy
from mid April  all orders are accepted on an Own Risk Basis, we will not deviate from this Policy - please do not ask.
'own risk basis' means that we do not issue a refund or replacement for any reason. we check every single plant that we post out and would not post unless WE were confident that they will do well
when an order is accepted through our website the Customer understands and agrees to all of our T & C's, which are detailed at our website. we do not make exceptions to our Policies, they have been put in place over many years in response to situations that have arisen. we do not make up our Policies for the fun of it, they are a necessity.
hyperthetical - Customer states I do not like your T & C's
'I do not like your T & Cs'. that's fine and that's your choice, please shop elsewhere. we know that we'll never please everyone all of the time - it is impossible for anyone.

we reserve the legal Right to change our Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notification.

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