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Cancellations and Refunds Information

Important Reminder
an order is accepted on an 'own risk' basis - we do not deviate from this Policy
in short, this means that we do not replace or issue a refund for any plant once it has been posted out. each plant is rigorously checked prior to posting for quality, strength and size
please refer to our Terms and Conditions links at the bottom of each page

Cancelling an Order prior to dispatch
the Customer may cancel an order prior to us notifying by email of impending dispatch
a full refund will be issued back to the Customer via their original payment method

Early Season pre orders
in the event that a type is not available we issue a refund, we do not post a replacement type. this is a rare occurrence, however, it can happen for reasons beyond our control

Automatic Partial Refund
occasionally we issue a partial refund as a dispatched plant may be smaller than usual
we make this clear by adding a note in the dispatched parcel

Cancellation of an existing order by us
thankfully it is extremely rare when we encounter rude Customers, unfortunately, it does happen
we do not enter in to protracted arguments for any reason
in circumstances such as these we would automatically cancel and refund the order without prior warning or further comment

during the checkout process
you will be asked to tick a box during the Checkout process to state that you have read and agree to abide by our T & C's
if you do not agree we are sorry that we would not be able to accept your order