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months of the year that we post out Orders

we accept orders between the months of October through to approx. August and early September
  please do not order if you expect immediate delivery during October through to late May
we do not respond to pressure emails and the order will be automatically cancelled and refunded


Orders are accepted on a pre order basis i.e. we add anticipated Spring availability in early October each year.  We always aim to begin posting orders as early as it is weather safe to do so, late March or April onwards.  However, dispatch will also depend on where your order sits in our waiting to be dispatched queue, plus if the named types selection that you made are ready.

We always notify each Customer a few days in advance that their order is ready and due to be posted by Royal Mail.  It is, therefore, imperative that a valid email address is provided during the Checkout process, otherwise you will not receive our updates.


April and May are our busiest months of the year and growing conditions are dictated by how kind the weather is.  We have no control of weather conditions, which affects the progress of plants growing.  A cold and rainy early Spring will delay orders being posted.  This is beyond our control.  Due to years of experience we know when it is safe to begin posting out plants, please keep this in mind and trust our professional judgment.

Order volumes received are exceptionally high during March, April and May.  Invariably there will be a longer wait for delivery due to the pre orders received during October through to March.  It is unlikely that delivery will be immediate, please do not order if this is your expectation.


By the end of May we have usually posted all orders received between last October and through to the end of May i.e. 8 months of orders received are dispatched within 2 months.

Early June, we add potted jumbo starters that we have spare and ready to post out, orders are usually posted within 1 to 3 days.
In June, we make it clear on our website that dispatch is almost immediate and usually the order will be received within a matter of days, if not the next day.
**If you do not have a greenhouse or a polytunnel, we recommend ordering scented geraniums in June.**


This is the final posting month of the current year.  Unless you are an experienced gardener with a greenhouse or polytunnel we do not recommend ordering, scented leaf pelargonium require the correct conditions for overwintering.

Late in the year we recommend waiting until October to order for a following Spring delivery.  Watch out for our EarlyBirds Discount Special Offer, we add the codes to use during Checkout early in October.

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