Scented Leaf Pelargonium, making an informed choice and selection of scented geraniums

select from over 100 named types in our unique Scented Leaf Pelargonium Collection
Being dedicated Specialist Growers of smellie pellies we continue to have daily hands on growing experience
of the likes and dislikes of this unique group of fragrant plants.  Yes, even we never stop learning.
From the conception of our website over 10 years ago o
ur primary aim has always been to do our best
to ensure that scented geraniums will never be forgotten and lost to the next gardening generation.  
We are Growers first and foremost and are entirely an independent Specialist Nursery that
does not open to the Public.  We are not a garden centre and our main daily focus and passion is in growing
the scented leaf pelargonium group.  

                We do hope that you enjoy making your very own personal selection.
                                                 Annie and Guy

Here are a few Tips that should assist you in making an informed choice

Individual named types of scented leaf pelargonium, growing habits vary enormously. 
Please keep this in mind when selecting a type, it is important. 
e-book of our  Scented Leaf Pelargonium Collection, will be published and availanle to download soon
our e-book includes a detailed description of  each one of the 100 plus named types of scented geraniums that we grow

The mature size of a scented geranium can be compact to very large, or somewhere in between. 
See ways of searching our Collection in the different sub categories, this will assist you in making a selection
Size matters, i.e. Height above ground x a similar Spread may be 12 ins to as much as 3 metres or more
depending on the named type’s growing characteristics.

Consider available depth for the roots to grow and spread i.e. enough space below the ground level
Large types at maturity require adequate depth and width for all parts of the plant to grow successfully.

Intended growing location, select suitable types.  i.e. for small growing area, select compact to medium types.  
Don’t be tempted to select very large types if space is limited, as they will not do well if kept constrained in a tiny plant pot.  
Over planting, always leave enough space for the type to spread and grow.

Planting Location and Sunshine
Majority of types do not like full sun or complete shade all day long.  A combination of sun and shade or dappled shade is preferable.

New to growing plants
Before ordering and buying scented geraniums from any supplier
we recommend investing in a general pelargonium book to learn gardening basics for successful plant growing.
Please take the time to learn basic plant care and needs first before buying.  
We are being honest, we really do not want you to waste your money, or be disappointed.

for the full details of each named type of scented leaf pelargonium with colour photos
download our ebook of our Scented Leaf Pelargonium Collection

We shall be adding further growing and caring for pelargonium fact sheets, see downloads