Scented Leaf Pelargonium guide to mature plant size

historically often referred to as scented geraniums

discover scented leaf pelargonium

scented pelargonium birdbush bobby scented geraniums plants

Photo P. birdbush bobby lime scented leaves
this is an example of how large some types will grow to at maturity - this is a medium growing type. in our diverse Collection we have categorised each scented pelargonium type as being either, compact, medium, medium to large or large

with the correct care and growing conditions just one of our jumbo starter plants will within a short time fill a container like the mature size plant shown in the photo
P. birdbush bobby in the photo is approx. 2 years of age and is now at the point where it requires potting on in to an even larger container
providing enough growing space is necessary for any type of scented leaf pelargonium, this is important to remember when making your selection, as is the intended location

scented leaf pelargoniums achievable mature size plant this is a guide and is not set in stone Height x Spread in all directions from root ball to top of foliage

12 ins to 18 ins

30 cm to 45 cm

18 ins to 30 ins

45 cm to 75 cm

24 ins to 36 ins

60 cm to 90 cm

30 ins to 100 ins plus

75 cm to 254 cm plus

where to grow

compact growing types
suitable for house plants, containers, directly in to the garden
NOTE, as a house plant all types will need repotting as they grow. 
none should be left in the pot that they are supplied in.

medium growing types
suitable for containers and directly in to garden
house plant if plenty of space available for larger plant pots

medium to large growing types
suitable for containers and directly in to garden
will need lots of space for large pot or container if inside

large to very large growing types
suitable for containers and directly in to garden
large types require very large containers and depth of at least 2 to 3 feet for roots to spread and develop

semi branching semi trailing growing types
strictly speaking this description does not apply to any scented leaf pelargonium
there are some types that do have a semi branching habit and may possibly be included in a very large hanging basket
see shop sub category for the different types

Photo P. tomentosum peppermint, leaves can be used to make peppermint herbal tea
medicinal herb aids sleep and soothes the nervous system
this species type makes an enormous scented geranium when given enough space to spread

scented pealrgonium tomentosum peppermint species

a couple of Tips

do not be tempted to overplant
always leave plenty of space for the scented geraniums to spread and grow

we offer a wide and varied choice of over 130 scented pelargonium types
if this is the first time that you are discovering scented leaf pelargonium
we recommend starting off with buying 2 or 3 types instead of a lot
if you are unsure which types to select this is a good starting point
selections of scented leaf pelargonium