we write regular information to ensure that each visitor to our website is fully informed prior to ordering from us. we always aim to be transparent and fair


POST - NO 23: 1st May 2022

A Reminder re: Pre Ordering - Dispatch - 'own risk' policy

  • pre order demand remains extremely high - we are dispatching as soon as we are able to as plants become ready
    currently - orders received from May 1st - anticipated dispatch is likely to be towards the end of May - mid June.  if possible it may be earlier, this will be determined by the individual named types selected.  each single order is totally different
    email updates - please look out for these - we send a dispatching email approx. 5 days prior to posting
  • 'own risk policy' - we make it 100% clear that we do not replace or refund any plant for any reason once an order has been dispatched.  please do not order if you do not like this policy
  • packing method
    it is rare to the absolute extreme when a problem is encountered during transit due to the following:
    - each plant is individually picked and inspected per each order
    - each plant is extensively checked, tidied and trimmed where needed - prevents sweating and will encourage each plant to rapidly put on new growth when repotted
    - each potted plant is individually bagged and labelled
    - each plant is carefully placed into the packing box
    - we aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible; cardboard boxes used, shredded newspaper to protect the plants and keep them cool whilst in transit
    - boxes and paper is recyclable

POLICY LINKS, T & C's - see footer of each of our website pages
please read prior to ordering, we cannot be any fairer or clearer. there is a wealth of information in the footer links which will answer the majority of questions

we are working flat out to dispatch orders as quickly as is possible - we do not have spare time to rewrite information that is on our website, i.e. T & C's.  please do not contact us challenging our T &'C's they are there for a purpose and have been written in response to occurences we have experienced over many years.  we reiterate our T & C's are totally transparent and should an individual not like any of what is written the option is there to not order from us

It brings us a lot of sadness when we do feel the need to be so firm re our T & C's - they are always written with great care and consideration.  unfortunately, even after 15 years, we do still have to endure some really unpleasant and ignorant individuals who still leave us astonished by their rudeness.  weirdly, it continues to be the case that this tends to apply to small orders and never to large ones.  why this is so remains a mystery?  we cannot even begin to explain the arrogance and hostility that we receive from this minority - who should find something far more productive to do with their time.  Shameful! (we have written the latter as the link for this Post will be provided to this type of very unpleasant person should we receive any further emails of this type)

POST - NO 22: 13th April 2022

Policy Update:  Stripe Payment Gateway now active

  • with immediate effect we shall no longer be using PayPal
  • we have always used PayPal to process order payments, however, we have been searching for a better solution for a number of years
  • we have been aware for a considerable period of time that many of our Customers do not like using PayPal and many of you have let us know that you have had some really bad experiences with them.  we heard you, took notice and have now activated a very good alternative
  • Stripe is an authenticated secure payment solution and well respected; many major companies worldwide use this gateway to take card payments
  • the majority of UK cards are accepted which have a Mastercard or Visa connection
  • should a card not be accepted when paying for your order it will be necessary to try another card - this will be a rare occurrence
  • Stripe will email you a detailed copy of your payment for your records
  • we also will email you to acknowledge receipt of your order

we hope that the new Stripe payment gateway provides you with a really good checkout experience.  we have beta tested the gateway and it is very professional and we had a really good experience using it

POST - NO 21: 8th April 2022

Ordering and Anticipated Availability - key points explained......

Ordering Info for the 2022 Season

  • pre-orders accepted from 8th April
    ** 8th April to June 30th - minimum order of 3 plants applies
    **1st July to end of Season - no minimum order applies, from 1 plant+
    if 1 or 2 plants only required please place order after 1st July - this is our early Season Policy each year, no exceptions please do not ask
  • 1st delivery week for 2022 is earmarked for W/C 25th April and weekly thereafter during the busiest months
  • dispatch is not immediate.  the selection made at time of ordering will determine the delivery week - i.e. when each plant has passed our stringent quality and size check
  • note, we are unable to accept requests for particular named types that are showing as being out of stock
    we update forthcoming anticipated availability on a week by week basis

Availability does vary from week to week

  • we grow in excess of 130 individually named types in our unique scented leaf pelargonium collection
  • we attempt to offer a wide and varied selection throughout the growing Season
  • logically it is impossible for us to know which types of scented geraniums will prove to be the most popular; this actually does vary from year to year.  there are a few types that will always be in demand, this we understand and plan for.  however, this does not apply to the majority of the types that we grow
  • another point to take into consideration is that our Parent plants do enjoy a rest over the winter months and some are slower to wake up in the Spring than others
  • from our years of experience we tend to find that the variegated leaved types are often slower to get going, which means that we cannot take a lot of cuttings until later in the Spring, i.e. P. annsbrook beauty is often temperamental earlier in the year
  • finally, all we can say is that we do our best to keep everyone happy and in the main we do achieve this.  we do have a lot of exceptionally appreciative Regulars who have been supporting us for years - thanks a million

Terms and Conditions relating to ordering on an 'own risk basis'

  • we are aware that our T & C's are rarely read
  • prior to us accepting any order we do make it 100% clear that we do not replace or refund any plant for any reason
  • every single plant we post out is rigorously selected and checked - it is rare to the extreme when a problem is brought to our attention
  • the onus of growing on successfully passes on to the Buyer from when we dispatch

we are a hands on working specialist Nursery and we dedicate our days to raising and supplying top quality scented leaf pelargonium
we are unable to accommodate Visitors to our Nursery - we do not have time and we do not possess public liability insurance
neither are we able to offer gardening, growing or planting advice

we do hope that you enjoy making your very own personal selection and that the scented geraniums bring you immense pleasure

POST - NO 20: 20th February 2022

General Information 2022 Season
The past couple of years have proven to be very difficult for every single person worldwide and here in the UK we are not out of the woods with covid just yet; contrary to what some of our Politicians think.  We are no different to anyone else and life in general for us remains somewhat a challenge on a daily basis.  Probably more so than for some as we are in the 'older' human category and we do have to be far more aware than those who are half of our age.  That's life so to speak and we are just getting on with each day the best way that we are able to.  However, the folly of some does impact us quite substantially and does continue to restrict our 'normality'.  Fortunately we are located in a fairly rural countryside setting with only a couple of nearby farms.  For example, in the past couple of years it is only this past month that we have allowed a closeby elderly neighbour to come inside our cottage.  For the most part all communication and contact with other 'humans' has been conducted at a respectable distance and in the open air outside of our premises.  Logically this has also had to include our Nursery areas and being able to employ staff has been a total no-no.  It has been hard work fitting everything in ourselves and to date nothing will be changing on this front for the forseeable.  In effect we have had to seriously rethink how we would be able to continue to operate our Nursery and fulfil website orders during the 2022 Season and we have had to make a number of changes.  In summary, we can only do what we are able to do in any given week...without it impacting on our own health.  It really has been tough this past couple of years and we know without any doubt that we do have to cut back our workload during 2022. I would briefly add also that Brexit is creating a lot of supply issues for us and all goods have been increasing in price to us.  There are some items that we use on a regular basis that we can no longer source from England which is also causing us a major headache.

Thanks in advance to our Regular Followers of many years standing as we know that you will fully understand and support us.

Here are a few pointers which should explain some 2022 Season ordering questions - FAQ's:

Unfortunately we shall not be taking any pre-orders this year - usually we accept pre-orders from approx. February for an April delivery.

First Orders accepted - availability likely to be added to our website approx. mid April
We anticipate that we shall be adding 'real time' jumbo starter plants approx. mid April and onwards.  We plan to add additional availability of individual named types on a weekly basis, as they become ready and are of a good size.  Please make a reminder note to get your order in as soon as possible as we know demand will be high due to anticipated restricted availability.

Reserving individually named types in advance
Sorry, we are unable to do this.  Please do not ask.

Delivery Schedule
Ist Posting week = W/C 25th April. 
This is an anticipated 1st posting week and is not set in stone.
Following on from the 1st dispatch week - posting of orders will continue on a weekly basis for the busiest months of the Season - through to approx. July.

Each individual Order is accepted on an 'own risk basis'
This has been a firm Policy for several years and this means that we do not replace or refund any plant for any reason once an order has been dispatched.  We do not deviate from this Policy, should a potential Customer find this problematic we would emphasise that they should not order from us.  We 100% know the top quality of our scented leaf pelargonium plants and that with the correct care and conditions that all plants will flourish and rapidly grow.  We are very honest that scented leaf pelargonium are not suitable for the novice gardener.  Please do not buy if you are in any doubt that you have the skills to successfully grow on.

POST - NO 19: 22nd November 2021

2021 Season - CLOSED - no further orders accepted for this year
2022 Season

as you will be aware the UK economy is undergoing a substantial shift and all goods, services and utilities have been impacted by increases. throughout 2021 we were severely impacted by ever increasing costs, however, we did not increase our unit cost plant price
unfortuately, due to the latest severe hike in electricity prices, an increase of over 25%, we have been left with no alternative than to increase our unit plant price.  this will be effective from the 2022 Season

delivery and packaging costs have also risen substantially, however, we intend to hold off from increasing P & P for the time being and will monitor how these ever increasing charges progress during 2022

we have to be realistic in all aspects of business costs to remain viable and we trust that this is understood and appreciated when growing a specialist frost tender plant, such as scented leaf pelargonium

POST - NO 18: 20th August 2021

2021 Season - now CLOSED - no further orders accepted for this year

2022 Pre Orders
will be accepted from March onwards
anticipated first delivery late April+
we recommed placing your pre order as early as possible if you prefer an early delivery
our 2022 propagation schedule is well under way to ensure that we are able to meet early 2022 Season demand

Note - we do reply to emails between September - March
it has been a really busy year and we are now going to take a well earned break

thanks to our ongoing loyal Followers, your support is appreciated.  'see' you in 2022

POST - NO 17: 11th August 2021

Final posting week for 2021

  • final date for placing an order for delivery during W/C 23rd August 2021 = Thursday 19th August
    this is the last date for placing an order for 2021.  no further orders will be accepted after this date, please do not ask
  • 2022 Season = pre-orders will be accepted from early March for delivery late April and onwards
    order as early as possible.  if you do not have a tunnel or greenhouse - place your pre-order early and then email us with your required delivery month, i.e. May, June or July

A Reminder......

all scented leaf pelargonium are frost tender and should not be left outside in the UK during the colder months, i.e. from late October through to the following May

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POST - NO 16: 11th July 2021

Availability of individual named types of scented leaf pelargonium

****we do not keep a waiting list of individual types****
the individual person will need to check our website on a regular basis to see if we have added further availability

  • we grow in excess of 130 recognised and accredited named types of scented leaf pelargonium
  • availability on a week by week basis does vary
  • some types are extremely popular and are always in high demand, as soon as we add further availability it is inevitably snapped up
  • our stock plants yield what they do and no more than this
  • approx. - it takes 6 to 8 weeks from the cutting stage through to a jumbo starter sized scented geranium
  • July onwards - availability is less as the Season is over half way through
  • final date for placing an order for delivery during W/C 23rd August 2021 = Thursday19th August
    this is the last date for placing an order for 2021.  no further orders will be accepted after this date, please do not ask.
  • 2022 Season = pre-orders will be accepted from early March for delivery late April and onwards
    order as early as possible.  if you do not have a tunnel or greenhouse - place your pre-order early and then email us with your required delivery month, i.e. May, June or July

A Reminder......

all scented leaf pelargonium are frost tender and should not be left outside in the UK during the colder months of the year

please do not email us asking to buy particular named types - if we haven't added stock on our website, we don't have any spare

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POST - NO 15: 8th July 2021

We do not grow or supply magic plants – a competent level of growing on is essential for success

we do make it 100% clear on the front page of our website that scented leaf pelargonium are only recommended for gardeners who possess more than a basic knowledge of growing plants
there are several gardening skills required to growing on any small plant to maturity to ensure success.  raising plants from small through to maturity is not a hit and miss situation.  'fingers crossed and hope for the best’, definitely not, plants are not magic.  it takes hard work and dedication to raise any plant and this really does apply to all scented leaf pelargoniums.  they are a labour of love where plants are concerned and cannot be left to their own devices – they really do need great care and the correct growing conditions.  this is a fact set in stone and the only way to guarantee success.  when remotely neglected they will give off signs that they do need urgent attention.  when ignored they will ultimately die…..that’s a fact.  a good all round knowledge of understanding what each plant needs is, therefore, essential

*****please do not buy scented leaf pelargonium as a surprise gift, especially for the older generation*****

from countless feedbacks that we have received over many years a fatal mistake made is when scented leaf pelargonium are sent as a surprise gift to a relative or friend.  unless the intended Recipient is a passionate and competent gardener it is a fatal error to send scented leaf pelargoniums as a surprise gift.  trust me, the feedback I receive does not lie, they are totally not appreciated and are one of the most unwelcome gifts ever; especially should the intended Recipient be elderly.  I have been contacted countless times over the years where it is categorically stated by a Recipient, ‘what am I supposed to do with these plants?’  the Recipient is bordering on being horrified that they have opened a parcel and discovered…plants!  this immediately puts them on a guilt trip.  they do not want them, don’t know what to do with them…but…feel guilty if they let them die because they have been sent by a well-meaning friend or relative.  what a terrible dilemma for the Recipient, especially when they are elderly or if they live in an apartment.  what we have come to realise is that the Recipient shifts the blame on to us, the Supplier, to get themselves out of a problematic friend/family dilemma. we are cast as the villain who created the problem by posting inferior plants to the Recipient.  categorically NO WAY. it is an insult and a slur on our hard-earned reputation to so much as suggest such a thing

below is an email from a family member sending a Mother’s Day gift.  note the plants were posted to their Mother over 2 months ago!! 


Order was dispatched 26th March 2021

Email received 4th July 2021 – over 2 months after dispatch of Order

I purchased 2 citronella geraniums from you a few months ago for my mother as a Mother’s Day gift and despite her looking after them carefully, repotting and watering regularly etc, they have died. We are very disappointed.


our response - dated 6th July 2021


The supplied jumbo starter plants were posted out in our first 2021 delivery week - w/c 26th April.

All plants dispatched during this delivery week were well above average size for a potted jumbo starter size and all were exceptionally strong and healthy.

I recall, in particular, the citronellas as we had limited availability and all were of an extra large size.  Once potted on correctly and given the correct care and conditions all would quickly establish.

As over 2 months have passed from the dispatch week, it goes without saying, that the responsibility for successfully growing on the supplied plants is the responsibility of the Recipient.

It is not within our realm of knowledge why after 2 months the growing on process has not been successful and we are unable to pass further comment.

Thank you for your email and we will add this to our Posts page on our website and pass further general comment there. 


Policy Reminder:  all orders are accepted on ‘an own risk’ basis.  we do not refund or replace any plants for any reason.  this Post demonstrates why we had to introduce this Policy a few years ago.  very few people read T & C’s – we suggest that you always do, PRIOR to placing an order with any Supplier.

You may well really love scented leaf pelargonium - it does not follow that your friend or relative shares your enthusiasm. 
sending a surprise gift of this type of plant is definitely not a good idea and in general will not be welcomed

To quote John Mcenroe – you cannot be serious….
Disappointed?  not half as disappointed as we were to receive such an irrational and unwarranted communication

With each passing year some people's expectations....really does blow our minds

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POST - NO 14: 6th July 2021

 July and through to the end of August - anticipated availability of named types of scented leaf pelargonium is updated weekly

Demand has been exceptionally high throughout this Season and truly has exceeded all expectations - yet again. Quite a few of you actually stumbled across our website in the very early years prior to the existence of sophisticated search engines and algorithms.  15 years forward from our early net presence and you still faithfully return each Spring for your pele fix.  Thank You to everyone who continues to support us year on year

Availability from July through to the end of August - will be limited. we update weekly as plants become ready
we grow over 140 individually named scented leaf pelargonium types in our Collection and we always aim to supply a wide selection throughout each growing Season.  it is always an unknown as to which type will prove to be more popular than others - it does vary every single year.  there are approx. 6 named scented leaf pelargonium types in our Collection that are always exceptionally popular and no matter how many cuttings/slips we take demand always outstrips availability.  this is true again this year.  as a hands on working specialist scented geraniums Nursery there are only 24 hours in any given day and there is a limit to what we are able to achieve and produce.  if we concentrated just on the very popular named types, we wouldn't be able to offer such a varied selection throughout the Season.  therefore, we do always attempt to entice keen gardeners to grow something different - give it a go and get out of your comfort zone

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POST - NO 13: 14th June 2021

A note for the irrational minority who think we are servants as opposed to professional specialist Growers of many years experience

I am writing this in advance of emailing the link to this Post should we receive in the future any exceptionally unpleasant communication.
there is absolutely no justification, of any description, for any single person being rude to us or downright insulting
I would remind this type of person.....it's a PLANT!!  you most definitely do NOT own us and we are NOT your servant
NO, the Customer is NOT always right and NO you do not have any right to tell us how to run our business. 
It is very simple, if you do not like our T & C's - do NOT buy from us

with each passing year of our website's existence we continue to be aware of a growing trend of rudeness, ignorance and downright irrationality.  this Season has been no different to the past 3 or 4 years when this first became an issue.  there really is no need for any single person to communicate in such a way - it denotes a total lack of intelligence
we are not an 'unsocial' media platform - where it appears to have become 'normal' behaviour.  we stopped participating in these platforms as we saw in advance where this was progressing many years ago

Our Comments - to a minority of unpleasant individuals, shockingly these include many older people

what did you achieve today by writing such vile words?  take up a hobby and occupy your time in a more productive manner
you do not own us when you visit our website.  we are not forcing you to buy our plants - rather the opposite, we prefer not to supply unpleasant individuals
we never hesitate, without warning, to cancel and refund an order
believe this 100% - you are the minority and should be ashamed of yourself

I've been meaning to get that off my chest for the past couple of years - I feel so much better for having written the above

I've said it before and I'll say it again.......THANK YOU to all of our lovely kind Customers, you mean so much to us and do help to cancel out these really unpleasant types.  we continue to grow scented leaf pelargonium because of you - definitely not for the irrational and needy

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POST - NO 12: 14th June 2021
All early Season Pre-Orders have now been dispatched

It is always a relief when we arrive at this point in a New Season and thankfully the full on pressure has now passed.
it might surprise many people to learn that we have now started our propagation schedule for 2022 - yes, that is how far in advance we work.  it takes time and effort to grow plants and we are no different to anyone else.  we do not have any magical secret to growing.....only dedication, perseverance, patience, attention to detail and hard work.  these are the attributes needed to truly become a good gardener

we have received a lot of great feedback already and it does give us a lot of pleasure hearing how well your scented leaf pelargonium are doing.  of course, this is ultimately down to you after we have posted out.  as we state thoughout our website a competent level of growing piants is required to achieve success.  we go out of our way to deter impulse buying; note for the absolute beginner to growing plants this would be a waste of money.  we really do not want a single person to be disappointed or deterred from growing scented geraniums in the future.  but....if you have never grown a plant in your life......start at the beginning and try to grow a plant - such as summer bedding.
for the absolute plant beginner we recommend investing in an easy to read gardening book - check out Amazon books.  or watch loads of youtube videos.  like everything else in life...the basics need to be grasped before growing progression can be made
you really would be amazed to read some of the disaster emails that we receive......no, we really do not sell magic plants - that's a definite

Thanks to everyone who has emailed us direct saying how delighted you are with the supplied scented leaf pelargonium.  here is the link to read just a few of our Customers comments............

please copy and paste as for some reason the creating a link isn't working this morning

we are now adding further anticipated availability on a weekly basis.  on receipt of an order, dispatch will be within 14 days

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POST - NO 11: 9th May 2021
Royal Mail 48 tracked service explained......

First dispatch week for 2021 began w/c 26th April and we have posted out an enormous number of orders during the past couple of weeks - great progress being made and should continue over the next few weeks. Given that we remain in a pandemic situation the Royal Mail are doing a fantastic job and persoanlly we cannot fault the Posties and say a massive Thank you to each of them

I am writing this today as inevitably each Season we are confronted by a certain type of Customer who absolutely blows our minds with their illogical expectations, which are irrational to the extreme. A couple of days ago we received an email from such a person who even now is leaving us speechless. This was in connection with their Order which was posted out last Bank Holiday Tuesday, as we had notified them that it would be by Royal Mail 48 tracked.  The majority of sane people do understand that once we have posted a parcel we do not have any control over how the Royal Mail schedules a delivery - this being to all areas of the United Kingdom.  Logically again the majority of people also understand, especially during a pandemic, that 48 hours tracked does not 100% mean that the parcel will arrive exactly within the 48 hours timeframe. For example the southern area of the UK can have a tendency for deliveries to take a day or so longer.  You would think that it would be obvious to state that we have absolutely no control over the Royal Mail and their delivery schedules.  Royal Mail policy states that they AIM to deliver within 48 hours but this is not guaranteed - although in 99% of cases they do manage to do this.

Back to the point of writing this today and the illogical Customer email we received last Thursday evening - note that the order was posted on the Tuesday
Apparently the Royal Mail had sent a text to the Customer advising that the parcel would be delivered during Thursday morning. The Customer emailed us Thursday evening furious that the parcel had not arrived by 1.07 pm to be exact. Note 48 hours had not even passed by this time.  Neither is the Royal Mail 48 tracked a guaranteed timed delivery and this is reflected in the postage price.
Friday last week I personally checked the Royal Mail tracking information to see where the parcel was at this point. It was delivered at 8.48 am Friday morning. Problem solved, so I thought but not so.  Yet another furious email from the Customer and to this day we cannot make any sense of the contents.  Customer was now demanding a full refund for the order.  Why? The parcel was delivered.  I patiently attempted to communicate by email with the Customer but to no avail - just further fury being directed at us.  Seriously do not get any of this at all.  Followed by threats of where they were going to report us to and more illogic that still does not make any sense.  Now remember, we do make it clear throughout our website that all orders are accepted by us on an 'own risk basis' and we do not replace or refund plants for any reason.  I would now mention at this point that the Customer has not mentioned the plants that were delivered - not even once.  Just continuous fury at the Royal Mail service - or lack of it in their opinion.  From what we can make out the Customer intends to return the plants back to us, even though we will not issue a refund or replace them.  Has the Customer even opened the parcel?  In one of their latest emails they state that they have not rceived any parcel, even though the RM tracking states that it has been delivered?  If they haven't opened the box the plants would be dead by the time that the parcel arrived back to us. It also seems that this Customer is continuing to vent their wrath at the Royal Mail Customer Service department also.  Really do not understand any of this and remain confused to the extreme.  Short of booking a ferry from NI, catching a bus or train and knocking on the door of this Customer to personally deliver the box of plants....it appears that anthing less would not suffice.  By the way, the order was for 3 scented leaf pelargonium...each was of very good size and larger than average at no extra cost.

In a nutshell, without you having to wade through all of the Royal Mail's T & C's.  They AIM to deliver within 48 hours and make it clear that this is NOT guaranteed to be the case.  The vast majority of the orders are delivered within the 48 hours - occasionally one is not and will arrive maybe 1 to 2 days later.  The Royal Mail does continue to provide a fantastic service and we will continue to use them.  We really do NOT need any person telling us which postal service to use - we think by now after 15 years that we do know what we are doing re posting out orders.

As for the furious Customer........no idea what to expext next from them...who knows?  However, we would challenge their irrational approach.  Thank heavens for all of our lovely Customers that continue to support us over many, many years.  Funnily enough we never receive any 'complaint' from larger orders we receive....only small orders and it is these types of people as to why we have put in place a minimum order value.  We do what we are able to do to deter them but the odd one, and I do mean odd literally, still gets through.
Always read T & C's prior to ordering from any website.......

Update on 12th May - what the Customer did next....
Apart from the further crazy emails we continued to receive over last weekend - even we would never have foreseen what happened on Monday. Our lovely Postie turned up with a parcel of plants returned by the aforesaid Customer. They had lied to the sorting office to avoid paying any retun postage and had told them that the 'addressee' (that being themselves) no longer lived at the address.  We know this as the Royal Mail had attached one of their stickers to the box marked - addressee no longer lives at this address. Speechless springs to mind and that's rare for me. Well, by this time, I had well and truly had enough of this silly game and contacted PayPal to explain the situation. In summary they informed me that the 'Customer' would not be entitled to any refund as they had refused the delivery.  This was verified being as the Postie had taken a photo of where the parcel had been left - on the shoes of the Customer at his back door.  This photo had been uploaded to the tracking information and there it remains in full glorious technicolour. Finally to end this nonsense we have now blocked this person from contacting us...although I doubt that this will be the end of this matter. Oh yes, out of the goodness of my heart I did issue a refund for 2 of the sad looking plants that had been trapped inside the unopened box for 8 days. This goes against our Policy but, hey ho, we are honest folk. Sadly the 3rd plant didn't make it.
Sir, you know who you are and this is for your benefit.....time to take up a hobby to keep you better occupied....sad, very sad!

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POST - NO 10: 29th April 2021
We politely request that you do not contact us unless it is absolutely necessary..... most answers to questions will be on this regular update page

There really isn't any pont in contacting us for an update of when an order will be posted out - this is impossible to predict and trust me we are not individual plant psychics. Unlike some plant suppliers we are 100% organic growers and we do not use growth hormones or the like. We grow Naturally as Nature intended. Each individual order will be posted when it is due - i.e. by date it was received + when the selected types become available and are of a good size

We work exceptionally long hours at this time of the year and most evenings we come in totally exhausted. Please do not Contact Us unless absolutely necessary - we promise you that we will be in touch as soon as possible. It is impossible for us to enter into personal communications at this time of the year and as much as we enjoy a good 'chat' and learning about your lives we really cannot fit this in right now

Unfortunately, it is also sad to report back that we have already received this Season one very unpleasant communication from a person who obviously spends far too much time on social media and who doesn't read through facts. Such as the wealth of information that we supply throughout our website. We make it totally clear that we do not supply gardening and growing advice and that scented leaf pelargonium should not be purchased by novice plant growers. It is somewhat annoying that the aforementioned person has now threatened to blacken our hard earned reputation throughout social media channels. It is a real shame that this type of person doesn't spend their time in a more worthwhile way and read gardening books to educate themselves......prior to buying plants from anywhere

By all means do contact us should you need to amend or cancel an existing order

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POST - NO 9: 29th April 2021
Preorders received from 8th March 2021....posting out has now begun

First dispatch has now commenced and a substantial number of preorders were posted Monday 26th April.
We have made a good start to posting out and if the weather does pick up further this will assist the scented leaf pelargonium to get a spurt on. Keep in mind that we grow in excess of 140 individual named types of scented geraniums. Each preorder is unique - imagine the possible combination of types that there is on each single order we receive. It does take a fine tuned logistics system to manage all of this in a timely manner - we do our best after years of experience

We always prioritise orders by the date that each was received - i.e. the earlier preorders are higher up the waiting to be dispatched queue we inevitably have this early in any New Season. Demand has exceeded all expectations this Season from March 8th when we first accepted any preorders
There really isn't any pont in contacting us for an update of when an order will be posted out - this is impossible to predict and trust me we are not individual plant psychics. Unlike some plant suppliers we are 100% organic growers and we do not use growth hormones or the like. We grow Naturally as Nature intended. I would point out that April 2021 has been the worst for night frosts for 60 years!!! Needless to mention this does impact on any plant - scented leaf pelargonium are no different, they are a plant. Funny that I should need to mention this but you would be amazed at some of the emails that we receive. Plants are grown - we do not run them up in a back street sweat shop

We work exceptionally long hours at this time of the year and most evenings we come in totally exhausted. Please do not Contact Us unless absolutely necessary - we promise you that we will be in touch as soon as possible to advise the dispatching week. Thankfully the majority of experienced gardeners fully understand and we thank you all for your patience

POST - NO 8: 6th April 2021.......read also Post No 6 and No 7
Frequently Asked Questions.....answered

I'm writing this today being as there are some people who do not read through our Policies or this Posts update page. We really do not have the time at this time of the year to reply to individual emails to repeat information that already exists on our website. Instead, we shall be sending the link to this page to alleviate our valuable time being wasted

  • ordering, payment and delivery information
    accessed at the footer of each page on our website
  • contact us
    only when absolutely necessary after reading the indepth information that we have already provided
    for example contact us - should you need to cancel or amend an existing order
    we accept email communication only. we do not have any spare time to take lengthy telephone calls - the information is already there on our website. nice to have a chat maybe - but we don't have the time. we are a hands on working nursery - not a social media platform
  • algorithms crawling the internet
    this is a constant problem and our website is often a target. due to this we never reply to emails that are not written in a friendly and polite way - this includes a salutation and a name of the sender at the end of the communication. the email address should also contain a recognised extension
  • we are online specialist growers and suppliers of scented leaf pelargonium
    we do not grow any other type of plants
    to check if we grow a particulr type of scented leaf pelargonium - use the Search facility in the Shop
    we are online only - our working Nursery does not open to the general public
  • pre-orders and anticipated availability - see also Posts 6 and 7 below
    this has been explained fully below - please read through the Posts
    we are unable to keep a list of people waiting for a particular named type of scented leaf pelargonium when it is showing as not being available to pre-order. neither are we psychic months in advance - seriously? give us a break
  • scented leaf pelargonium types selected should always be a personal choice
    no - we do not recommend particular named types. the information is all there to be read - only each individual knows what they are looking for and why
  • new to growing plants
    scented leaf pelargonium are not recommended to kick start a growing experience. start with easier plants and progress when experience is obtained
  • gardening advice service
    no - we are specialist Growers and Suppliers. we are not a college and neither are we personal gardening designers. gardening designers exist and they charge for their services - check locally if you require one

when we receive any further unusual emails we'll add the answers to this Post and email the link to the person who didn't read this page before contacting us, as we have requested

in the meantime......don't delay, ORDER TODAY

please now read through Posts 6 and 7 - subject of anticipated availability

POST - NO 7: 4th April 2021.......read also Post No 6
Early Season Pre-orders latest update

pre-orders received from March 8th continues to be quite mind-blowing on a daily basis. sure, preorder demand is always high at this time of the year but this past month is something else. in addition a substantial number of the preorders have been very large which have impacted on foreward planned anticipated availability. with the latter in mind I am writing this Post as a precaution to advise that some orders received from today 4th April might be subject to a longer delivery delay than I would have expected. there will be some preorders, from today's date, that might possibly be dispatched towards the end of May - in to June. however, this is not set in stone and the majority of preorders should be delivered earlier. as per usual Nature will dictate the outcome. not least that Monday 5th April snow is forecast for all areas of the UK. the daily fluctuations in weather conditions does impact on how fast all plants grow; especially the younger plants that we potted on earlier this year. currently our large tunnel is full to capacity and we do not have any further space to pot on any more rooted cuttings. fingers crossed that this coming week will be the last of the really cold spells. next week we shall be moving as many of the well established jumbo starters over to the dispatching area which will free up plenty of bench space in order to pot on more of the cuttings. yesterday, quite a lot of creative thinking was happening attempting to create even more space in our large tunnel. so much so that DIY came into play - yes, there's a lot more skills required when you have a Nursery than just playing with plants. :o)
on the plus side for the novice growers reading this - Nature and plants are exceptionally clever, as growth will rapidly catch up even if the preorder is received during June. it is also another good reason why our jumbo starter scented leaf pelargonium are so popular with so many of you
Patience is a necessary virtue when growing plants.......don't delay, ORDER TODAY

POST - NO 6: 27th March 2021
Pre-orders explained, how we plan availability in advance of anticipated demand

experienced and keen growers of specialist plants do understand the necessity to place their new season orders in really early each new growing year. our regular Customers anticipate, if not expect, several weeks delay before their pre-order will be dispatched. of course, we do everything possible to ensure that we dispatch pre-orders as quickly as is viably possible to do so. however, in truth, it is the plants in conjunction with seasonal conditions that ultimately dictates the pace. Nature is the boss, we are its humble work force

  • scented leaf pelargonium are classified as frost tender sub-shrubs. this means that here in the UK they require overwintering inside - ideally with a minimum temperature of no less than 40F - 5C
  • for many keen growers overwintering frost tender plants is often problematic due to lack of suitable space. many of our regular Customers find that it is more economical and practical to reorder scented geraniums early each New Season. for the majority this makes sense as it saves a lot of money heating greenhouses/tunnels + lifting large scenteds is not the easiest of tasks to do. in effect, Customers tell us that they let the frost do its worst over the cold winter months and in general the SLP's will die after just one severe night frost. sad I know but.....needs must. ** scented leaf pelargonium should not be planted outside until late May onwards**
  • we also have overwintering dilemmas to solve too. sure, we have tunnels which we do heat during the coldest months; I might add at some considerable expense being as electricity prices are continually increasing. logistically it is challenging for us to plan for the following Season's new jumbo starter plants, as well as housing all of our mature stock plants. our stock plants alone number several hundred if not more
  • late summer and into the autumn each year we commence our cutting schedule for the following New Season. of course, it is at this point that we turn into 'mystic meg' and have to make an educated guess as to which scented leaf pelargonium types wil be popular next year. a few types are popular every year and that's the easy part, however, demand for other types does vary enormously. taking into account that we grow in excess of 130 different named types of scented geraniums our guesstimates of how many cuttings to take is challenging. space, as usual, is also a major factor
  • in summary, so far, we do what we can within a limited timeframe to be as ready as is possible for the following New Season
  • 8th March 2021 - this was the first day that we began taking pre-orders this current year. today, 27th March 2021 we have been inundated with pre-orders and demand is already exceeding all expectations in just 18 days; many pre-orders have been larger than usual this year. thank you to each of you who continue to support us over many years now - yes, we do recognise your surnames. thank you again
  • anticipated availability April to June 2021 - ultimately it is our stock plants that dictate how many new cuttings we are able to take at this time of the year. we still have several thousand cuttings to pot on that we took last summer/autumn and we are steadily doing this in addition to all of the other jobs that require doing. in addition we have begun to take further new season cuttings as we are already anticipating exceptional demand this year
    pre-ordering anticipated availability - due to the exceptional demand during March we shall be adding further anticipated availability week by week over the coming months. this is to ensure that each Customer will have access to a good choice of named types
    **please be aware that there may be a longer dispatching delay than usual during the busiest months of May - June and into July**
    we do work exceptionally hard at this time of the year and there is a limit to what we are able to fit in on any given day
  • Pressure Emails - NO THANKS
    unfortunately we do have to state the following each year to make it absolutely clear that we do not welcome this type of communication for reasons that we have already explained
    we have a simple solution that we do not deviate from:
    Pressure Emails = order cancelled and refunded without prior warning
    neither do we enter into protracted argumentative communications - life's far too short

Hopefully the above will answer quite a few questions. Our main recommendation is..............ORDER NOW - DON'T DELAY
we anticipate that the majority of pre-orders received before the end of March should be dispatched during May

POST - NO 5: 12th March 2021
2021 Season Delivery Information

  • We are now accepting orders and will be posting out orders FROM W/C 26th April 2021
  • Demand has already been high from Day 1 and we anticipate that this will continue to increase. Last year really took us by surprise and we expect this year to be no different. To avoid an even longer wait we advise that you do not put off placing your order
  • Early Season we post out 'waiting to be dispatched' orders weekly on a Monday or Tuesday
  • Generally, orders are prioritised by the date that each was received and will be subject to weekly availability of the scented pelargonium types selected
  • When an order is received we send a processing email which will provide an anticipated delivery week or period; e.g. 'during May'. During the busiest months of the Season, May, June and July, there can be a longer waiting time before an order is posted.
  • NOT GOING TO BE AT HOME? If the advised posting week is not convenient simply email us to let us know and we'll reschedule. Please provide convenient weeks that you will be able to take delivery
  • PRESSURE EMAILS: We are unable to offer immediate delivery - please do not ask us to do this. In the event that we are put under undue pressure we immediately cancel and refund an order; without prior warning
  • Covid Pandemic 2020 increased demand significantly. We anticipate that this will be similar this year, which means that during May, June and July there will be a delay from the point of ordering before we post out
  • NO STAFF: As was the case in 2020 we are still not able to employ any staff due to the pandemic. This has and will continue to put a lot of pressure on us and the only thing that we are able to say is that we do our very best to dispatch orders as quickly as is possible
  • ALLOW OUR UPDATE EMAILS TO GET THROUGH TO YOU: please ensure that you add us to your safe sender list in your mail box.

POST - NO 4: 7th March 2021
This post is the latest update to posts below. We shall be accepting Pre-Orders from Monday 8th March 2021. First deliveries will commence late April, weather permitting.
At long last we have finally managed to receive DAERE accreditation and our RAPO number and we can now legally post out our scented geraniums throughout the UK. We shall no longer be posting to the Republic of Ireland, due to customs declarations etc. it is too complicated to do so. Apologies to our long standing Irish Customers.
Our Nursery has been fully inspected and DAERE has confirmed that our scented geranium plants are pest and disease free; as are the remainder of the Nursery areas. This is to conform with European Plant Regulations which due to Brexit the EU are now rigorously enforcing.
It has been a nightmare this past few months wading through all of the bureaucracy and it appears that the UK/EU - Brexit situation is far from over................who knows what will happen next?

POST - NO 3B: 13th February 2021

How have scented leaf pelargonium plants managed to get caught up in the crossfire of the Northern Ireland Protocol?
From a growing plants perspective this remains a very good question and to date we have not received an answer from anyone. Whether it's NI to GB or GB to NI - everyone here who is connected to horticulture is being seriously affected; whether you are a grower or a plant retailer. It has become so ridiculous that even a wooden pallet cannot now be moved between GB and NI. This is EU bureaucracy gone stark raving bonkers. Whether it is a plant, soil, compost, a tree, shrub or anything containing wood or soil - it cannot be freely moved by 'legal unfettered access rights' between the other 3 nations to NI and vv. That is without EU/UK permission - i.e. certification by a Government Department. It is shocking. So shocking in fact that we have personally been informed by a DAERE Inspector that until we have been granted EU Certification we would be breaking EU law. This means that DAERE would be able to prosecute us on behalf of the EU.
We understand from NI MP's that serious talks are ongoing between Mr Gove (UK) and the EU. We doubt very much that anything will be resolved satisfactorily any time soon if the Brexit negotiations (4 1/2 years) are anything to go by. We are remaining in touch with Northern Ireland MP's who are having regular meetings with Mr Gove and EU representatives.
When we know anything new we'll post another update to keep you informed.

Has Northern Ireland been 'thrown under the bus' by the UK Government?
It feels by many of us here that abandoning us, British Citizens, is the price of Brexit that the UK Government has been prepared to pay. They kept that quiet; both from the NI MP's and the NI and UK Public.
Needless to say that the NI 'remainers' are absolutely delighted to be remaining in the EU trading block. However, many of these people do not consider themselves to be British Citizens and they are not demonstrating any empathy or consideration to those of us that value being British.

The NI Protocol goes much deeper than having the EU legal Right in Law to post plants and horticultural items......it cuts much deeper for many of us, to the beating heart of what it is to be British

We both originate from England and are British Citizens who have lived in Northern Ireland for the past 14 years.
Why is this important to mention?
As much as we absolutely love living here in Northern Ireland, however, we are and will always remain British; it is our cultural identity and this is integral to who we are. This 'Britishness' is culturally central for many people living here.
What does being British have to do with the Northern Ireland Protocol?
The majority of people living all around the UK do not have a realistic understanding of the situation here in Northern Ireland.
Sure, the majority of people do know that Northern Ireland is one of 4 nations that makes up the UK. But that's about as much as most people do know or understand. The water (the Irish Sea) separating NI from the rest of the UK has made this very important to understand. The Irish Sea has now become an EU/UK border; cutting adrift Northern Ireland from the UK. We now live in a 'no-man's land'. Even worse still is that from 1st January 2021 the 'united Ireland' topic was immediately raised by the Irish nationalists. For those who consider themselves to be British this is a very threatening turn of events.

The recently introduced Northern Ireland Protocol, being implemented from 1st January 2021, has brought about immense unrest throughout all communities here. It also has ongoing implications for every Citizen who lives here; including 'outsiders' such as us and many others like us. Please believe us that this is a serious situation that now exists from 1st January 2021 and it should not be taken lightly.

Traditionally NI society is divided into (a) the protestant community (the British Unionists) - strongly aligned with the UK and its traditions  and (b) the catholic community (the Irish Nationalists) - they strongly believe that all areas of the island of Ireland belongs to them and NI does not exist. For example, it is easy here to determine who belongs to which community. A Protestant would say they live in Northern Ireland, whilst an Irish Nationalist would say that they live on the Island of Ireland. The use of language here is always a determining factor of where loyalties lie. It is constantly tested on a daily basis.
I would add a 3rd community category of (c) people who were not born here but have relocated here. This has steadily created a multi-cultural society. We fit into category (c), as do many thousands of other people living here from many Nations of the World. Multi-culturalism seems to be lost on all politicians, as their mindsets remain doggedly in the past.

The NI Protocol has created a massive divide between the political parties here
There are 5 main political parties here which tend to operate on sectarian (religious) lines. The majority of the electorate here in NI tend to vote on religious allegiance as opposed to political ideology. From our experience of living here this continues to pose a real dilemma for us as it means that it takes away our democratic right to vote in elections. We are unable to vote for any 'political' party here.

The main NI political parties are:

(a) The DUP and the UUP - predominantly protestant and aligned to the Queen and the UK government
(b) Sinn Fein and the SDLP - Irish national parties, mainly catholic and anti Queen and anti UK government
(c) The Alliance Party - it remains unclear what this party stands for or how their electorate base can be defined? However, they are staunch EU supporters but do recognise the UK government

There have been many political changes during the past 14 years of us living here. Not least when Stormont (the equivalent of Parliament) totally collapsed and did not sit for over 3 years. In effect, NI did not have any political governance and instead it was left to Civil Servants to run the country. This was a disastrous and undemocratic period and it was us the NI Public that suffered the most. It appears that we are currently and dangerously at risk of a similar situation - thanks to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

It is traumatising to come to the realisation that our UK Government Leaders are not prepared to show us NI British Citizens any respect.
We would remind Messrs Johnson and Gove that they have a Duty to all British Citizens and that includes us here in Northern Ireland.
The Brexit Referendum was a UK wide vote - it was NOT an individual country vote. The UK voted to leave the EU as one Sovereign Nation and that includes Northern Ireland.

To Messrs Johnson and Gove:
We have absolutely no idea why you have thrown Northern Ireland under the bus? You have achieved what the Nationalists were fighting for over decades. It remains unbelievable what you have done. As British Citizens we remain in shock and cannot believe how you have underminded our UK Democracy. Shame on you all.

14th February 2021
It has been announced on the radio this morning that the UK Conservative Government is considering building a tunnel under the sea between Stranraer in Scotland to Larne in Northern Ireland. This does not resolve the current NI Protocol disastrous situation. Neither would a tunnel change the EU Treaty. Instead of dealing with the volatile NI UK/EU border issues of today a suggestion that a tunnel would resolve this in who knows how many years time is lunacy. Yet another hair brained idea by Boris & Co who most likely wouldn't even be around before heaven knows how many consultations and the like were expensively undertaken.
Boris & Co: You need to focus on the here and now! 'get Brexit done' for all of us, including Northern Ireland.

POST 3A: 13th February 2021

As mail order specialist growers of scented leaf pelargonium plants located in Northern Ireland, we are currently banned from supplying any plant to England, Wales, Scotland and the Channel Isles. You may find this hard to believe but it is 100% true. Northern Ireland is the price that has been paid to the EU for 'getting Brexit done'.

We are banned from posting out any plants due to the EU/UK Northern Ireland Protocol. Ridiculously we now find that here in NI we will be 'exporting' to the remainder of the UK. We then have to 13th February 'import' goods from GB to NI. Both 'import' and 'export' are subject to customs inspections, as they will be crossing over the Irish Sea border that now exists from 1st January 2021.
In effect, Northern Ireland has been annexed from the remainder of the UK. From what we are able to work out so far, there is little published information, NI will be answerable to EU Legislation far more than UK Legislation.

We are adding regular updates to this page, as the disruption and annihilation that the NI Protocol is causing to our business and many others here in NI is a fluid situation and so far no acceptable resolve has been forthcoming. This contentious issue re implementing the Northern Ireland Protocol is ongoing and is a highly dangerous political situation here in Northern Ireland.  Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and the EU Commission should reflect seriously as to how their rhetoric and actions are impacting on Northern Ireland and British Citizens. (comments written 13th February 2021)

If you are not familiar with the Northern Ireland Protocol and how this has and will impact British Citizens and for people who have the Right to Remain in the UK we urge you to read through all of the posts on this page on a regular basis

POST NO 1: 12th DECEMBER 2020

It is with utter regret that we shall not be accepting any pre orders for the coming 2021 Season. We may possibly accept real time orders late May - June although at this time of writing this remains unknown. Read below...

We appreciate that this will be a real disappointment to our Loyal Supporters; many of you have regularly ordered from us for almost 15 years. As most of you will appreciate we are all living through unprecedented and historical times; this includes us.

At this point in time, mid December 2020, we have to be totally honest and say that we have no idea how 2021 is likely to progress.
Whether we shall be in a position to take any orders during 2021 is at this point absolutely impossible to predict. See below re Brexit and Northern Ireland Protocol.
We have to strongly request, please do not contact us to ask us to take an order direct as we are unable to do this. Neither will we reply to emails where the topics have been covered in this post.

We explain fully below how we are attempting to rationalise what happened during 2020 and whether 2021 remains viable for us

early 2020 - Covid Pandemic
we picked up on how serious the virus was likely to be very early in 2020 and understood by February that this was going to have ongoing implications for the remainder of the year.
by March 2020 we had 5 months of pre orders and to put it mildly a sense of panic was real. we were all placed in lockdown throughout the UK and nobody had any idea what was likely to happen going forward. Shock, Horror, Panic all springs to mind.

there we were in March 2020 with thousands of jumbo stater scented geraniums in our tunnels reaching perfect size and condition and ready to be posted to fulfil the pre orders. the big questions at that time were - HOW? WHEN? SHOULD WE CANCEL AND REFUND ALL EXISTING ORDERS? given that we are located in Northern Ireland this added to the dilemma as we always dispatch using the Royal Mail. we took the risk to post out existing orders during March and thankfully it worked out OK.

Dilemma HOW were we to get the parcels of plants safely to the sorting office almost 10 miles away? a very scary proposition to have to do during March 2020

taking into account that Guy remains a 'Shielder', I'm no spring chicken myself, we had no staff and live in an isolated countryside location. our nearest neighbours are farmers who are also 'Shielders'. I can honestly say that it seemed an impossible problem to have arisen and resolve.
Plan A March in to April 2020 - we contacted a local taxi firm who we persuaded to take the parcels to the sorting office. reluctant to do so but did this for a few weeks. a very costly and unreliable solution. it soon became obvious that this wasn't going to work in the long term.
Plan B April through to September - I was left with no alternative than to take the parcels to the sorting office each Monday. trust me I was really terrified doing this as it was clear even then that the majority of people were just not getting the seriousness of the virus. no face masks, no social distancing etc. Me - I was wearing a mask from early March + surgical gloves + a big bottle of hand sanitiser in our van. this continues to this day. I remain nervous going anywhere and only go out when absolutely necessary. majority of shopping is online. I still find it astonishing just how reckless some people still are - no thought for any other person. anyway, somehow we  managed to get through 2020 and all orders were fulfilled, delivered safely, all but one that went astray in the Royal Mail system

December 2020

seriously what next? it's a multi whammy so to speak. Covid + Brexit + no staff + shielding + reckless public
we have closely monitored the progression of the virus and the Brexit negotiations. this past week, one might say, is the final straw that has broken the camel's back. never in all of our business lives have we encountered so many obstacles to overcome. 
remember, we are located in Northern Ireland and it seems that last week we have been annexed from the remainder of the UK with an imaginary border in the Irish Sea. where did that one come from? we have been contacting a lot of authorities this past week or so in an attempt to get clarification as to where that leaves us re posting live plants to England, Wales and Scotland? nobody is able to give us any answers - it's a total mess. you see, this is what is not being made clear behind the political scenes, live plants may well end up becoming a restricted and prohibited item from Northern Ireland to GB due to EU regulations. are you shocked to hear this - we are. from what we have discovered so far it seems that the plants that we grow will need an EU plant passport + an inspection here at our Nursery prior to us being able to post to GB. plants grown in England, Wales and Scotland it seems will come under a new UK plant passport scheme. this also will apply to seeds
HELP! work this out, we live in the UK and are governed by the UK but from January 1st 2021 we will now have to trade under the jurisdiction of the EU. This is where the Northern Ireland Protocol and the Good Friday Agreement comes into play.
If you live in England, Wales or Scotland this will likely mean nothing much to you. As English born people living in NI I can assure you this is a very serious and worrying turn of events in many ways.

Going forward in to 2021 - the decisions that we have reluctantly made

  • this will be the first year that we have not taken pre orders for a Spring Delivery and we offer our apologies for this disappointment
  • it is likely that we shall not take any orders until, at the earliest, late May in to June or possibly not at all
  • if we do decide to take orders late Spring, early summer - the plants listed will be real time jumbo starter size availability. this will mean that not every type will be available every week
  • delivery schedules will be determined nearer the time. we aim to make as few journeys as is possible to the Royal Mail sorting office
  • Royal Mail - is being slow to update the Brexit situation and how this will impact on posting parcels from NI to GB and vv. it may well turn out that the RM classifies live plants and seeds as being a prohibited and restricted item. WHO KNOWS?
  • so far from what we are able to work out it appears that any parcel from GB to NI will need a customs declaration. this will create immense problems for us to source horticultural products that we need to continue to grow scented pelargonium
  • even receiving personal purchases from the likes of Amazon may need customs declarations. AS UK CITIZENS HOW HAS THIS BEEN ALLOWED TO HAPPEN? Yes, we are more than annoyed.

Any sensible thinking person with a small business throughout the UK must be thinking is all of this stress worth it?
NO it isn't.
The question is for 2021 and beyond is shall we call it a day? Neither of us are getting any younger. Is this the time to enjoy life, what we have left of it?
YES it is

For now the jury is out and we'll see what each passing week brings...we'll keep you updated when we have further info.

To our thousands of Loyal Followers thanks again for all of the support you have given us over many, many years...much appreciated

Annie and Guy

POST NO 2: 23rd JANUARY 2021

The situation re selling any plant grown here in Northern Ireland is proving to be difficult and bureaucratic. This also applies in reverse from GB to NI.
From the 1st January 2021 Northern Ireland will have a different plant passport to the remainder of GB.
GB will have its own plant passport which will differ to NI and the EU.
Nobody is more shocked than we are.
As the new UK - EU Brexit regulations have become clearer from January 1st this year we have begun the bureaucratic process of registering with DAERE to obtain a NI to GB plant passport. Currently we are barred from posting a single plant to anywhere outside of Northern Ireland. All plant retailers selling outside of their own jurisdiction now need to have a DAERE registration number which must be included within the parcel for customs purposes. Before we are granted this number we have to have an inspection here at our Nursery, this will take place in April.
We do not envisage any problem obtaining DAERE registration and have been informed that we will be able to post our scented leaf pelargonium to GB once this has been granted.


We anticipate that we shall begin to accept pre orders at some point in April. Please keep checking our website. However, we anticipate that the first 2021 dispatch will be very late April or into May and not before. This Season we shall be adding available stock as real time plants that are almost at the point of being ready for posting. Availability of types and the quantity will be more restricted throughout the 2021 Season. It will be the case of offering what we have at any given time.

As you will be aware the situation is not improving and it does seem that this will not change much during this year. This has and will impact on how many plants we will be able to offer throughout this 2021 Season. We remain unsure how this will work out - mainly as we are unable to employ anyone to help out. Last year was similar and we are not prepared to put ourselves through the same level of stress ever again. We have to consider our own health above anything else.