discover scented leaf pelargonium

2021 orders delivery months schedule for posting our scented leaf pelargonium jumbo starter plants

below is our anticipated month by month schedule and outline of when we accept orders and when it is anticipated an order will be posted

we grow in excess of 130 named scented leaf pelargonium types and supply jumbo starter plants, not baby plugs

as you will appreciate it does take a few more weeks to grow on a rooted cutting to a larger established potted jumbo starter plant
in effect, we do the hard work and the size of scented pelargonium plant we supply will get you off to a really good start

whilst waiting for your order to be dispatched please keep in mind that the selection of types in every single order that we receive is different. the possible combinations from 130 named types is endless
we do our best to dispatch as quickly as possible early in the Season and we propagate several thousand cuttings based on an educated and experienced guesstimate. we usually do come very close to getting enough plants ready early but inevitably there will be the occasional order that may have to wait slightly longer. we keep you updated if this is the case.

ultimately, all good things are worth waiting for....

2021 Pre Orders accepted from 19th December
order status Pre Order for Spring delivery
many of our regular Customers order this early to ensure that they will receive their scented pelargonium early in the new Season. generally, this applies to dedicated experienced gardeners who have greenhouses or tunnels.

order status Pre Order for Spring delivery
during January and through to the end of February the order volumes increase daily
orders received between January and February are usually posted between March and April. severity of the weather will impact when we begin posting out orders

MARCH and APRIL and in to MAY
order status Pre Order, order added to a substantial waiting to be dispatched system
these are the 3 busiest months of the year for receiving orders and we are working flat out to bring on as many plants as we can. we do our bit and then we have to wait for the plants to do theirs. some types respond faster than others, whilst others are slower
dispatch will depend on the scented geranium types selected and weekly availability
this applies to individually named types.
individual named scented pelargonium types

order status Pre Order, usually posted within a couple of weeks
on the other hand the following shop category will be dispatched sooner
selections of scented geraniums

order status pre order with a shorter posting delay
by the end of May
, fingers crossed, we will have almost caught up into real time
we will have posted out all orders received from late December to May
this equates to almost 6 months of orders fulfilled in less than 12 weeks

order status order by the Saturday, posted on the Monday or Tuesday
during May and at the latest in June available named plant types are updated at least weekly

order status weather conditions will determine when we stop posting out orders



plant orders are posted from March/April through to September each year
we do not post out any plant orders during the autumn and winter months

we accept orders from 19th December 2020 for delivery the following Spring
if you prefer an early delivery we recommend ordering as near to this date as possible