Recipes and Uses for scented pelargonium leaves

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completely natural flavouring, non-chemical, additive free

We have come up with the Recipe idea as very few cookery books include Scented Geranium Leaves as a natural herb flavouring.  It's quite surprising really as the Victorians valued the aromatic leaves highly as an ingredient and they were extensively used in so many different ways in all manner of recipes.

Scented Leaf Pelargoniums are classified as herbs and are used in a similar way to mint, thyme, rosemary etc.  There are also many different types that have citrus flavourings of lemon, lime orange.  Rose, nutmeg, cinnamon, apple, lavender, strawberry, peach, The aromatic leaves are a welcome and often subtle addition to many different types of Recipes, i.e. culinary, medicinal, herbal preparations, cosmetics and bath preparations. 

Not everyone has the time or expertise to grow plants and we sell freshly cut Scented Geranium leaves at £2.50 per bag incl. P & P to the UK, which are just perfect for use in so many Recipes.  We offer over 18 different types of aromatic leaves to choose from and all are harvested on the day of posting from our organically grown plants here at our Nursery.