mature plant size guide

often referred to as scented geraniums

a guide to understanding the achievable mature plant size of each individual type listed in our Collection

The information provided below will greatly assist you in making an informed choice when making your preferred selection from the 100 plus scented pelargonium that we grow.  SEE BELOW FOR A GUIDE TO ACHIEVABLE MATURE SIZE OF SCENTED LEAF PELARGONIUM IN OUR COLLECTION

  • We strongly recommend that you take the time to understand how small or large each individual mature scented leaf pelargonium type will grow to PRIOR to making your personal selection and ordering. 
  • If you are totally new to growing we do not recommend commencing your gardening life with this group of plants.  Learn basic growing techniques first.  We are being honest and would not like you to waste money or end up being disappointed.
  • Please keep in mind that the scented leaf pelargonium group differs from many other common groups of plants, as the growing habits of individual named types are NOT uniform.  The achievable mature size varies enormously by each named type, i.e. from compact growing through to very, very large at maturity. 
  • This non-uniformity within the scented leaf pelargonium group of plants is very important to understand to ensure that each individual named type will be enabled to continue to grow and flourish in to maturity in your intended personal location.
  • If any pelargonium type is kept restricted and constrained in too small a pot or container the plant will eventually wither and die.  It is, therefore, important to regularly check that the underground root system has enough space to continue to spread and establish.  This applies to all mature pelargonium plants.
  • VIP, often not understood by novice gardeners.  An established and healthy root system under the compost or ground is imperative and contributes to the daily well being of the top foliage of the pelargonium.  If kept too restricted the pelargonium will be starved or dehydrated to death, plus other problems will be encountered.
    this means that the plants are past the baby plug stage and will require growing on in to maturity by the Customer.  After 14 days from the day that we post out an order the onus and responsibility of successfully growing on each supplied plant passes to the Receiver.  This means that when received the plant will require potting on to provide sufficient space for the root ball and top foliage to develop successfully; this will need repeating periodically when required
  • Note, the size supplied will vary in relation to the individual named type chosen.  This mirrors what has been stated above, non-uniformity within the group.  If a compact type is selected the potted jumbo starter supplied would be smaller than a larger growing type.
  • We have provided a wealth of information throughout our website which has the primary aim of assisting the Reader and Customer.  During 2017, we have completely redesigned our website; the new features and photos that we have added now offers several ways of searching through our unique Scented Leaf Pelargonium Collection. 
  • As Growers and Suppliers we do not provide individual planting schemes advice; please consult with a local Garden Designer should you require additional help and advice.  Neither are we able to provide individual gardening lessons; we would suggest investing in a general pelargonium book to learn growing basics.

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**all pelargonium are frost tender and should not be left outside during the months of November through to late May**

height x spread
from base of root ball to top of foliage

achievable with correct care and attention       

do not be tempted to over plant - allow enough space between each plant                  

  1. compact
    approx. 12 ins to 18 ins
  2. medium
    approx. 15 ins to 30 ins
  3. medium to large
    20 ins to 36 ins
  4. large
    30 ins upwards, as much as up to 3 mtrs or more


  • size at maturity will be determined by many factors.  Experience and experimentation will assist understanding.
  • we emphasise, all pelargonium are frost tender and need protection during the colder months of the year in the UK and Ireland.  Applicable outside months to grow are late May through to late October.  Late October through to late May, not advisable to leave outside.

compact growing                                

suitable type for house plants, containers, directly in to the garden
NOTE, as a house plant all types will need repotting as they grow.  None should be left in the pot that they are supplied in.
medium growing

 suitable for containers and directly in to garden
** house plant if plenty of space available for larger plant pots**

medium to large growing

 suitable for containers and directly in to garden
**will need lots of space for large pot or container inside**

large growing

suitable for containers and directly in to garden
**large types require very large containers and depth of at least 2 to 3 feet for roots to spread and develop**

semi trailing and semi branching types
No scented leaf pelargonium type is considered to be a trailing pelargonium, however, some are what is termed semi trailing or semi branching.  We recommend growing one or two of these types to understand the plant's form and characteristics.