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Please read the following - this explains when delivery will be if you order today 
Order for W/C 2nd July delivery, only select types that do NOT have a pre order status message near Qty box 
Pre Order Status message, for delivery during July as the types become ready, currently we cannot state when
Please be aware that where plants ready now are mixed with pre order plants the delivery will be during July when all types are ready
Note, pre orders are accepted on the basis that the Customer understands that delivery will be during July
We do not release any plant until we are satisfied that it is of good size for the type.
**Pressure emails for earlier delivery - order would be cancelled and refunded**

No scented leaf pelargonium type is consideredto be a trailing pelargonium, however, some are what is termed semi trailing or semi branching.  We recommend growing one or two semi trailing types to understand the plant's form and characteristics.

we emphasise that we only accept plant, gardening sundries and sample leaves orders for delivery to the UK and Ireland
if you reside in another country of the world please do not be tempted to order, as the order would be cancelled and refunded.  Other countires, see Digital Downloads